Exciting Gadgets of the Here, Now & Sci-Fi Future

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Exciting gadgets CES 2017If you dream of a future filled with sci-fi-like exciting gadgets that make life worthwhile, then it’s fair to say that 2016 pointed to a future of endless tech possibilities. Take the Dyson Airblade, for example. It’s a hand dryer that scrapes the water off your hands with blades of air. Now imagine scaling up on this technology to make it applicable to a human-sized dryer. How much cooler would showering become? You could go from soaking wet to bone dry in seconds.

Now, a human-sized dryer seems realistic, but what about effortless fitness? Surely that’s an impossible dream? Anybody who has ever watched the spectacular displays and performances of sports stars at the Olympic Games or other major international sporting events has wished for similar fitness and dexterity. Fitness is equated to health and youth. So what if you could ensure your fitness, health and youth with a fitness band! Well, it might not be too far away in the future. But it’s best to hide your choccies until then.

Exciting gadgets here and now

Self-driving cars are on our doorstep, but what about self-walking shoes? Imagine a pair of sneakers that can take you to your destination while you play games on your phone or watch YouTube? The shoes automatically avoid curbs, traffic and other pedestrians, so you needn’t pay attention to where you’re going. Ooh, what if self-walking shoes had a bouncing mode so that you could go up and over obstacles?  That would be fun.

If you’re after practicality rather than fantasy, consider waterproof gadgets, like laptops. You need never freak out when you spill your morning tea all over your keyboard.

And then there is the universal dream of an ever-lasting battery. Imagine a battery that lasts for an entire week. It sounds like uber-sci-fi, but an extra long-life battery is exactly the sort of thing that is a must for the digital age.

Exciting gadgets at CES 2017

Waterproof smartphoneCES 2017 was full of exciting new gadgets, such as Dell’s 2-in-1 laptops. The Latitude 7285 has a sharp screen, a stylus, and a solid keyboard and is more like a regular laptop than most hybrids. The XPS 13 model has a flexible rotating hinge that can be adjusted to different positions depending on your particular preference.

Lenova Smart Assistant is a less expensive and colourful competitor to Amazon Echo. It has eight microphones that pick up speech from a distance of 16 feet, and can answer questions, organise calendars and to-do lists, and play music. The launch date is sometime in May this year.

What about a laptop that can multitask on multiple screens? It’s a laptop that allows you to work, play video games and stream movies all at once. Razer’s Project Valerie concept has two foldable displays that extend from the primary screen in the middle. Each screen has a 17-inch display and 4K resolution. The beauty of the extendable screen is that you can use one big screen, or use each screen independently. The only problem is that it weighs 12 pounds, so it’s a tad cumbersome.

Now let’s turn our attention to smartphone. The Asus ZenPhone AR is built for augmented and virtual reality experiences. It uses Tango and Daydream, two Google created platforms. The hardware tracks motion, has depth perception and extracts information from its surroundings to run the AR and VR apps.

Now, who’s looking forward to the (near) future?