Hi-Fi Systems to Suit Every Budget – Quick Comparison

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Having decided that you want to buy a hi-fi system for your home, take the time to evaluate available brands that best meet your requirements. Of course, with a hi-fi system you truly get what you pay for. Here are some popular hi-fi systems worth considering, depending on your budget.

Less than £500

    1. Sonos Play: This compact solid unit costs £200. Although lacking in audio outputs, the system is exceptionally simple to use. It has a power-connection at the bottom and an Ethernet socket, as well as a hole to wall-mount the device. The volume control and play/pause button is located at the top panel. Since it does not have a remote control, you can use your smartphone or tablet to operate the system. This hi-fi system also needs a wired connection to the router.
    2. Denon D-M39DAB: Priced at £310 the Denon D-M39DAB is one of the best systems in the price range. Its lack of ‘extras’ is made by the stunning sonic ability of its speakers. It has a USB port that is compatible with almost all Apple devices. You can also stream music from radio or Spotify. Control the system through either the Denon remote or an iOS device. Although it does have Wi-Fi connectivity, the system is simple to set up and use.

£500 to £1000 range

    1. Philips Fidelio SoundSphere DS9800W: Priced at £700, this beautiful dual speaker system is easy to use and offers an immersive sound experience. The speakers are made of wood and are covered in multiple layers of lacquer, which give the system a glossy, yet easy to maintain finish. The hi-fi system comes equipped with Wi-Fi and an iThing dock.
    2. Cambridge Audio Stream Magic 6: This modern yet classic hi-fi system is priced at £700. Instead of a streamer, this slick hi-fi model has a CD player and is capable of playing music via wired and wireless transmission. It also includes a free Stream Magic control app for iOS and Android devices.

More than £1000

    1. Naim UnitiQute 2: This hi-fi system may be small in stature but is certainly big on sound quality. Use it to stream music from the PC, the internet radio, external discs or even the set-top box. You can operate it using the accompanying remote or through the n-Stream control app available on iOS devices. Priced at £1,150, this is one of the more affordable Naim hi-fi systems.
    2. Linn Kiko: Priced at £2500 this stylish music system (it doesn’t look like anything else on the market) offers an easy to enjoy and powerful sound. There is no Wi-Fi connectivity, but it has analogue and digital inputs, as well as an Ethernet. You can also boost your digital TV viewing experience by playing through the HDMI’s provided on the hi-fi system.

Some of the other companies known for their hi-fi systems include Sony, Cambridge, Bowers and Wilkins, Libratone and Focal. Given the large variety of brands, choosing a hi-fi system can be confusing. Select a hi-fi system that best satisfies your individual preference for sound quality and is within the targeted price range.

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