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Home Appliance Extended Warranty Cover

Home Appliance Insurance UK

You can choose single or multi-appliance cover (as many items as you like up to a value limit) with our comprehensive and price-busting home appliance insurance policies. Cover is available on different levels with different pricing, but all policies provide value-for-money cover with no hidden costs. Life is complicated enough, but insurance doesn’t have to be.

There is a short waiting period before you can make a claim on home appliance policies. This moratorium is 14 days. Single appliance cover costs £6.58 per month and Bronze multi-appliance cover costs £10.99 per month or £121.76 per year. We cover all major brands, and can insure virtually any home appliance. If you have any questions about what types of appliances are covered, or what is excluded from cover, contact our UK-based call centre for friendly and efficient help.

Other multi-appliance cover options include:

  • Silver: £17.99 per month or £205.41 per year
  • Gold: £21.99 per month or £253.11 per year.

Some of the key benefits of our home appliance insurance coverage:

  • Our single-item policy can cover most of the appliances in an average home with a £3000 total value limit
  • Electrical and mechanical breakdown that standard domestic contents insurance doesn’t usually cover
  • Take our policy out within minutes and access details online
  • Ongoing help and support through a UK centre and live chat service
  • Multi Appliance Cover can add several appliances to one policy
  • Different payment plans for you with option for annual card payment without auto renewal
  • Cover for parts, call-outs and labour
  • Best quality repairs and fast response times

Please note: We can’t approve claims if the damage is due to negligence or misuse. We also can’t approve claims if you or a well-meaning friend have tried to repair the damage before you notify us. We have your best interests at heart, so make us your first port of call.

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