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Smartphone Insurance

Comprehensive Smartphone cover for major brands

Smartphones are ubiquitous. You can’t get away from them. Mind you, with their convenience, why would you want to? Obviously you want to protect your investment, so smartphone insurance is a no-brainer. The only question is which insurer to choose. With, you get comprehensive cover on different levels. You can also choose between our single-gadget policy (cover one smartphone) and our multi-gadget policy. On our multi-gadget policy, you can cover up to six phones or gadgets on one policy. Now that’s convenience!

Our Policies Include:

  • Travel cover included as standard for up to three months
  • Top quality repairs and replacements of equal value arranged by us
  • Unauthorised calls, texts and data use
  • Loss and breakdown cover

More Benefits for Smartphone Insurance Customers

Stay connected with a policy that takes the administration out of insurance and doesn’t slow you down. It is easy to claim and we arrange approved repairs and replacements for you. covers all major smartphone brands, as well as all their major models. So don’t worry if your iPhone or Samsung is a little out of date. We still provide comprehensive cover against life’s everyday risks.

Remember we also offer insurance for regular mobiles and other gadgets such as tablets. Get a quote now and also read below for a few more more benefits for smartphone insurance customers.

  • Comprehensive and affordable cover for major smartphone brands
  • Cover for accidental and water damage
  • Cover for theft

Stay in touch, on line, and, very importantly, stay in the know. If you have a demanding job or suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out), all you have to do is click for an online quote. Then simply follow the easy purchase process and you can enjoy smartphone insurance that suits you unique needs. And your budget. Never forget your budget.

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