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Our Pet Insurance covers almost every Cat Breed

Here are just some of them… offers three levels of cover for your pet cat: Bronze, Silver and Gold. The amount of cover available per year is the only difference between policy levels. For example, vet fees per condition are covered up to £1500, £3000 and £6000 for Bronze, Silver and Gold respectively. Pet insurance is available for virtually every type of cat breed you can think of, from fluffy pedigree Persians and sleek Siamese cats to domestic moggies. Domestic moggies (mixed breeds and rescues) are the most popular cats in the UK, but there are plenty of pedigree breeds for those who want them. Many people choose breeds for their looks so they can participate in cat shows, but just as many choose their pure breeds for their temperament, such as friendly and affectionate Maine Coon cats. It’s worth noting, however, that not all cats conform to their ‘breed type’, so don’t expect all Ragdoll cats to love water or all Burmese to want another cat for company. Some people don’t know what they want in their cats, so we’ve created a list with introductory cat breed information for the felines covered by our pet insurance. We look at breed characteristics such as temperament, health, exercise, general care and behaviour. While we’ve included some of the most popular cat breeds in the UK, the list is by no means complete, so get a quote to find out if your cat is covered. Get a Quote
Turkish Angora cat breed insurance

Turkish Angora

Turkish Angora cats are incredibly rare. They love being the centre of attention and give love in return.
Burmese cat insurance


Burmese cats crave a lot of attention and do better with constant companionship rather than on their own.
Birman cat insurance


Birman cats are one of the most popular cat breeds in the world thanks to their sweetness and sociability.
British shorthair cat insurance

British Shorthair

British shorthair cats have the oldest ancestry in the UK and make gentle and affectionate pets.
Cymric cat insurance

Cymric and Manx

Cymric and Manx cats belong to the same tailless group of cat breeds. They’re playful and trainable.
Havana cat insurance

Havana Brown

Havana brown cats are playful, curious, affectionate and one of the more popular of the English cat breeds.
American shorthair cat insurance

American Shorthair

They’re working cats who’ve now discovered the joy of owning humans.
American wirehair cat insurance

American Wirehair

American wirehair cats develop strong bonds with their families, but like enough space to be their own cats.
Somali cat insurance

Somali and Abyssinian

Somali and Abyssinian cats are similar breeds who are playful, intelligent and full of energy.
Ragdoll cat insurance


Ragdoll cats are an affectionate and friendly breed, who love a good cuddle.
Moggy cat insurance


Moggy cats are unpedigreed mixed breeds, are also known as domestic long-haired or short-haired cats.
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