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Dog Insurance Cover

Comprehensive insurance cover for a range of dog breeds

Whether you are in love with pedigree dogs and have a princess of a Shih Tzu or a dynamo of a Siberian Husky, or are devoted to rescuing mixed breeds, you can cover all of your dog’s medical needs with one of our comprehensive pet dog insurance policies. Different breeds are prone to different medical problems, such as hip dysplasia and luxating patella, even mixed breeds, which tend to be fairly robust, fall ill or suffer from age-related arthritis. Our different levels of dog insurance cover ensure that no matter what type of dog you have, she is assured of the best medical care whenever necessary.

Rest assured that when you buy a pet insurance policy for your puppy, she will benefit from lifetime cover, which means cover for your dog’s health and medical needs well into her senior years. You also benefit if you want to buy pet insurance for 2 dogs, as we offer a 10% multi-dog discount. Choose between Accident-only cover or Accident & Illness cover. There are 3 types of Accident & Illness dog insurance plans: Bronze, Silver and Gold, with the same benefits but different claims limits. You can also choose our Essential Time-Limited policy, which provides comprehensive cover, including third party liability for dogs and complementary treatment, but for a period of 12 months only.
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Key Benefits of our Dog Insurance Policies

  • Accident-only cover for dogs (£67.15)
  • Time-limited policy provides cover for 12 months
  • Emergency medical expenses abroad
  • Third party liability insurance up to £2 million in case your dog bites someone
  • Vet fees up to £6000 per condition with sub-limits for specific treatments, including complementary therapy, dental treatment resulting from an accident, CT/MRI scans, hydrotherapy, cruciate ligament treatment and prescription diets (for weight loss, pancreatic problems, gastro-intestinal problems and joint problems)
  • Death from accident or illness
  • Travel abroad and holiday cancellation
  • Insurance cover for boarding fees if your dog ever needs to go into boarding kennels while you are ill or unable to care for her
  • Interest-free monthly payments or an annual payment option
  • Cover for lost or stolen dogs, as well as advertising and reward costs
  • Easy SMS claims process
  • Claims conveniently settled with vets

Complementary Treatment Options Covered by Insurance

There are certain conditions that respond better to a combination of complementary and allopathic treatment. Hip dysplasia, for example, is treated with medication and hydrotherapy and physiotherapy. covers a range of complementary treatment options, including:

  • Herbal medicine
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Osteopathy
  • Acupuncture
  • Behavioural therapy for problems such as on and off-lead reactivity and separation anxiety

Note: We only cover complementary treatment by certified or registered practitioners.

Important notes to remember:

  • Dogs must be kept up to date with all vaccinations as outlined in the vaccination schedule for insurance claims to be valid.
  • You must take due care to ensure your dog’s safety, health and well-being, as any neglect on your part may negate your claim or your policy.
  • Get treatment immediately. Don’t let your dog’s condition get worse.
  • Dog insurance doesn’t cover routine medical procedures, such as dental cleaning, deworming, and sterilisation or nail clipping.
  • Your insurance doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions and injuries, which is why you should get dog insurance as soon as possible after you get your dog for maximum coverage.

Our dog insurance takes the pain out of emergency medical treatment, including accidents and certain serious illnesses. Take advantage of our quick online quote process and start enjoying the benefits of comprehensive pet dog insurance.

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