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Fridge Freezer Price Comparison

Appliance Insurance Articles Posted on by Richard Hannan

With so many fridge freezers out there to choose from these days it’s not easy trying to decide what’s best for your needs. Here we’ve listed our top fridge freezers with their main features to try to give you a quick run-down of the best buys. We’ve also listed the prices so you can rule […] Read More

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Who Offers the Best New Car Warranty in the UK?

Car Warranty Articles Posted on by Simon Purnell

You probably won’t choose your next new car based on the manufacturer’s warranty that comes with it. And that’s fine, after all, you have every right to be more concerned with safety, price, fuel efficiency and extra features than with how many miles you’re covered for. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore the warranty. […] Read More

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Top 5 Safest Cars in the World

Car Warranty Articles Posted on by Simon Purnell

No one goes out looking for unsafe cars to drive; well not unless you’re a TV Motoring presenter. And clearly car manufacturers don’t set out to make unsafe cars. But with price and size being two major factors with car production its clear some will be safer than others. We’ve taken a look at various […] Read More

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iPad vs Mini – Our Comparision

Gadget Insurance Articles Posted on by Richard Hannan

Behind the red door we have the iPad and behind the blue door, we have the iPad Mini with roughly a third less surface size than the iPad. Which option should you go for and does size REALLY matter? The Retina iPad Mini shares the same processor and sharp resolution as the iPad Air – […] Read More

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iPad vs. Nexus – Showdown!

Gadget Insurance Articles Posted on by Richard Hannan

Buying a tablet is a purchasing decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. These days, there are lots of choices out there and a number of considerations to be taken into account before you make your purchase. Design, performance, screen resolution, battery life and price can all play a part in helping you make your mind […] Read More