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Teacup Doglets: Cups of Cuteness or Cups of Cruelty?

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I’m the first one to admit it: a tiny dog in a teacup is adorable. And in a world where houses are shrinking and gardens are becoming less and less common, there are definite advantages to having smaller pets. A French Bulldog is going to require less acreage and less exercise than a Ridgeback or […] Read More

Digestive Enzymes: Can You Trust them to Help Your Pet?

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Your vet may prescribe digestive enzyme supplements for a variety of reasons, from dermatitis to diarrhoea. They are certainly growing in popularity for both humans and pets. There’s a lot of hype and, as is usual with things which become fashionable, there’s a lot of nonsense, too. Let’s find out more about digestive enzymes. If […] Read More

Critical Health Problems That Affect Ageing Cats

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As if ageing isn’t hard enough, life also throws a couple of curve balls in the form of geriatric-related illnesses. Cats, even with their nine lives, aren’t immune to old age ailments. Some cats will age gracefully and without much more than arthritis to show for it. Others, however, will succumb to one or more […] Read More

Did You Know a Bad Case of Bloat Can Kill Your Dog?

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Not many people know about a potentially lethal condition that affects bug dogs: Gastric bloat or Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus (GDV). Gastric bloat is second only to cancer as the leading cause of death among dogs, especially deep-chested dogs such as German Shepherds, Bassets, Boxers, Great Danes, Weimeraners, St. Bernards, and Dobermans. What causes gastric bloat? It’s […] Read More

Mite Infestations in Dogs: The Itch that Has to be Scratched

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You may have noticed recent articles about outbreaks of mite infestations in the UK. Your beloved pooch may be scratching for reasons other than fleas and it is definitely something you should investigate. There are four species of mite which can infest dogs. For identification and treatment purposes, they are practically identical. They are all […] Read More

Learn How to Spot the Signs & Treatment of Arthritis in Pets

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Getting old is not for sissies. One of the most common conditions in ageing pets is arthritis. Arthritis in pets takes three primary forms. One is normal as pets age, but the other two are more serious and require immediate medical intervention. Types of arthritis: Immune-mediated arthritis (IMPA) is joint inflammation caused by the immune system […] Read More

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Discover the Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar for Dogs

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There is some controversy over using ‘alternative’ remedies on pets. Some pooh-pooh the idea based on lack of scientific evidence proving their efficacy. Others swear by alternative treatments and remedies, believing that so much anecdotal evidence can’t be wrong. Remedies that are perpetually popular include turmeric and apple cider vinegar. Today we’re going to look […] Read More

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Important! Grass Seeds are a Real Danger for Your Dog

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There are plenty of scary illnesses that pet parents have to watch out for. There are also plenty of risks that can ambush our dogs and cats during their favourite activities. Did you know that your daily walk could end up being deadly? During summer and autumn, grass seeds are particularly dangerous, as they can […] Read More