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Project Ara: Is Google’s DIY Smartphone Doomed?

Gadget Insurance Articles Posted on by Sandy Cosser

Project Ara, the modular Google phone intended to revolutionise the mobile phone industry as we know it, is dead. At least, that’s the word according to sources at Reuters. According to reports  Google has stopped work on the project to “streamline the company’s hardware efforts”. ‘Project Ara’ refers to Google’s attempts to create a ‘modular phone’. It’s […] Read More

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Hacking by Voice Command: The New Threat to Mobile Phone Security

Gadget Insurance Articles Posted on by Richard Hannan

Hackers have a powerful new tool at their disposal, according to security researchers at Georgetown University and the University of California. And it’s the power of their own voice! Voice command technology is more common on smartphones. So it was only a matter of time before hackers starting hijacking the tech. That said, one needn’t be […] Read More

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Student Insurance: Why it’s Important & Your Options

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Student insurance is not something that many university-goers think about. There’s just too much going on in their lives for student insurance to even get a look in. Their parents should consider insurance, however. After all, they’re sending their grown up bundles of joy into the world with a considerable number of expensive gadgets. The average […] Read More

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Rejoice! Virtual Reality is Coming to a Smartphone Near You

Gadget Insurance Articles Posted on by Richard Hannan

First there were mobile phones, then there were smartphones and smart watches, and amidst this avalanche of technology we all wondered, what next? Well, this year sees the introduction of technological advancements we didn’t think possible outside of sci-fi movies: Virtual reality. Virtual reality replicates an environment and simulates a user’s physical presence to immerse […] Read More

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Rumour Roundup: The Intel on Samsung’s Flexible Smartphone

Gadget Insurance Articles Posted on by Sandy Cosser

Nothing churns out ‘news’ quite as quickly as the smartphone rumour mill. And no one recycles, repurposes and reinterprets that news as much as those desperate for more information. In that spirit, what is the latest news snippet to capture attention and be thoroughly dissected? Samsung’s much anticipated flexible smartphone, that’s what. What do the rumours […] Read More