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Collapsible Mobility Scooters – The SureMag Review

Mobility Scooter Articles Posted on by Sandy Cosser

No one could argue that mobility scooters aren’t a godsend, allowing people with a mobility-related disability to remain independent as they transport themselves from A – B. Transporting mobility scooters, on the other hand, can be a painful experience, especially if you’ve got a large deluxe machine. Fortunately, many of the modern, lightweight travel mobility […] Read More

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Tabby Cat Rescue

Pet Articles Posted on by Sandy Cosser

Tabby Cats at a Glance Tabby cats aren’t a breed per se, so we can’t label any behaviour as a tabby trait. The name tabby simply refers to a cat’s distinctive coat colouring and pattern. This means that virtually any breed can have tabbies, including Bengals, Manine Coons, Ragdoll, Persians, American Shorthair and Longhaired Somali […] Read More

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How to Keep Your Dog Happily Dressed Up this Halloween

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With Halloween on the way, many pet parents are putting as much thought into their pet’s costume as their own. The pressure is on to be creative, as the internet has already been flooded by pugs in spider costumes. The mission is to find something extra cute and innovative. With the plethora of superhero movies […] Read More

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Can Cats be Vegan or Vegetarian?

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Opinions are divided about vegan cats and the overall health benefits and risks of vegan or vegetarian diets for cats. You might be inclined to imagine that the health benefits humans derive from cutting out meat and animal products from their diets might work for your cat. Some people, who are not specialists in the […] Read More

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The Expectation vs. Reality of Living with a Cat

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If you’ve never had a cat before, but you feel like there is a kitty-shaped hole in your life it’s a good idea to think carefully about what your expectations are; for example, do you expect your cat to sleep on your lap while you read or book, or to automatically use the litter box […] Read More

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Foods You Shouldn’t Even Think of Feeding Your Cat

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As most cat people know, cats are finicky eaters. What they scoff down one day they put their noses up the next and let you know in no uncertain terms that they’re not going to touch what you’ve dished up for them. Don’t be too annoyed because their fussiness is partly inherent, as they need […] Read More