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Collapsible Mobility Scooters – The SureMag Review

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No one could argue that mobility scooters aren’t a godsend, allowing people with a mobility-related disability to remain independent as they transport themselves from A – B. Transporting mobility scooters, on the other hand, can be a painful experience, especially if you’ve got a large deluxe machine. Fortunately, many of the modern, lightweight travel mobility […] Read More

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Tabby Cat Rescue

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Tabby Cats at a Glance Tabby cats aren’t a breed per se, so we can’t label any behaviour as a tabby trait. The name tabby simply refers to a cat’s distinctive coat colouring and pattern. This means that virtually any breed can have tabbies, including Bengals, Manine Coons, Ragdoll, Persians, American Shorthair and Longhaired Somali […] Read More

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Rescuing Spaniels: What You Need to Know

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Spaniels at a glance Spaniels are a working dog breed; while two different lines have been developed – Working and Show spaniels – both have genetic dispositions to certain behaviours and personality traits, and both have a great deal of energy. Most pet spaniels come from show lines and don’t have the high hunting drive […] Read More