Month: October 2016

private landlords shakedown

Private Landlords Fight Unfair Buy to Let Tax Changes Changes to tax laws that govern buy-to-let properties have landlords up in arms. The planned buy-to-let tax is deemed unfair because it targets private landlords who have buy-to-let properties in their own names and doesn’t target companies that invest in rental properties. Furthermore, tax will be […]

children with learning disabilities

New Passport Helps Children with Disabilities & Learning Difficulties In the UK there are approximately 80,000 disabled children under the age of 16. This is about one in every 20. However, it’s difficult to get an accurate picture because historical data is thin on the ground. What data is available shows an increase in disability […]


New Campaign Forces The Premier League to Accommodate Disabled Fans We’ve written about popular sports for people in wheelchairs, but what about wheelchair-bound and other disabled sports fans? Do sports’ stadiums give them easy access so they can watch their favourite sports live? Apparently not, if the sport concerned is football. There are only seven […]


How Can We Make Playgrounds Safe & Fun for Disabled Children? Children’s playgrounds are places of fun, laughter and the occasional injury. But not all children can join in the fun because playgrounds simply don’t cater to their special needs. Sadly, children with disabilities are often, unintentionally, discriminated against in public parks and playgrounds. Parents […]

disabled employees adjustments

Are Employees Taking Advantage of Disability Discrimination Claims? In 2010 Government introduced the Equality Act to protect disabled employees from unfair treatment and discrimination. Recent statistics reveal that the number claims for discrimination against disabled workers has increased steadily over the past few years. Many employers now question the legitimacy of all the claims. They […]

community living in built-to-rent apartments

The Built-to-Rent Market Threatens Buy-to-Let Private Landlords Property is a smart investment. With more people unable to afford to buy their own property and needing to rent long-term, investing in the rental market is a good idea. While renting is a good idea for landlords, it’s not ideal for tenants. Negligent landlords are a problem […]


Easy Peasy Tips for Home Improvements that Save Money On Your Energy Bill Living can be expensive. When we think about the costs of everyday living we need to consider the cost of food, travel, rent and then bills on top of that and that’s just to get by! Sometimes it feels like there’s nothing […]


The Most Popular Sports for People in Wheelchairs Sports are a great way to keep fit, relieve stress and hang out with friends. You can participate in an individual sport or you can play in a team. Being in a wheelchair by no means suggests people aren’t interested in or capable of participating in sport. Although wheelchair […]

end of tenancy cleaning

Who is Responsible for End of Tenancy Cleaning It’s enough of a chore to clean up after yourself, let along cleaning up after others. So when you move into a new flat, you don’t want any signs of the previous tenant. Particularly if the signs indicate a lax attitude to hygiene. End of tenancy cleaning ensures […]