Month: January 2018

Planning Weekends Away with Your Mobility Scooter

How to Plan the Perfect Weekend Away with Your Mobility Scooter When you rely on your mobility scooter on a daily basis, it can be a daunting task to attempt to organise a weekend away from the familiarity of your home area. However, these days your mobility scooter is definitely one thing you shouldn’t need […]

What are direct payments? Are you entitled to carer’s allowance, or carer’s premium? We’ve answered all your questions in our total guide.

Carers in the UK: Unpaid Carers Increase

How to Create an Emergency Plan for the Person You Care For When someone relies on you on a daily basis for support and care, it can be a worrying thought to consider what would happen if you are unable to be there for any reason. It’s due to this that creating an emergency plan […]

Buying Guide: Mobility Scooter

Top Tips for Maintaining Your Mobility Scooter Year Round If you’ve just purchased a new mobility scooter, one of your first concerns should be learning how to maintain your mobility scooter to ensure it lasts as long as possible. Mobility scooters are often a big investment, so keeping your scooter in top condition should be […]

Weatherproof Your Home

How to Weatherproof Your Home for All Seasons Have you noticed your home dropping in temperature a little too frequently this winter? Not only can a draughty house cost you hundreds of pounds in heating bills throughout the year, it can also be more vulnerable to weather damage in more extreme conditions. The good news […]

Buying Guide: Mobility Scooter

Could the Law on Mobility Scooters Be About to Change? Statistics released from the Department of Transport last year revealed that the number of deaths resulting from mobility scooters in 2016 was at an all-time high of 14, with the total number of incidents reported at 260 – almost triple that of 2012, where the […]

Protect Your Home Against Flood Damage

How to Protect Your Home Against Flood Damage Last year, flooding in the UK cost the government and insurers billions of pounds in emergency repairs, not to mention untold misery for the homeowners who lost their homes and all its contents to storm damage. Although there has been a huge effort to improve community defences against […]