Month: November 2018

Carer or Personal Assistant holding hands with the person she is providing care to

Recent research suggests that up to 400,000 carers could be missing out on up to £3,000 worth of benefits they’re entitled to every single year – here, we cover what that benefit is and if you’re eligible to claim for it.

Respite for Carers |

Carers Rights Day is an annual event held to help carers find the support and advise they need, as well as to raise public awareness of the additional help carers need in their roles. Here, we provide a breakdown of some of the benefits you’re entitled to as a carer in the UK.

Declutter Your Home: Benefits

Why utilising a self-storage facility is a great option for anyone newly retired and looking for a safe space to store your belongings.

insurance policy

Simple Tips on How to Cut The Costs on Your Insurance Premiums Insurance premiums take a chunk out of your wallet over time. But they pale in comparison to the loss you’d suffer for being uninsured in the event of an accident or theft. Insurance is worth the price, especially as certain types are required by law. […]