Month: June 2019

Home Buyers Protection

What Does Home Insurance Cover? Home insurance is not currently a legal requirement in the UK, but it does provide protection for your home and it’s contents against a number of circumstances, including natural disasters, damage, and theft. If you are a homeowner, your mortgage provider may require that you take out a building insurance […]

Storage Insurance for Businesses Self-storage isn’t just for people looking for a place to put old furniture and gardening equipment cluttering up the garage – it’s also an efficient solution for businesses in need of additional space to archive documents and office equipment. Below, we’ve highlighted some key benefits to businesses using self-storage, some key […]

Carers Week Round-Up Carers Week was held this year from the 10th to the 16th June, with over 100 pledges to help raise awareness for carers across the UK. From centres giving carers a day off, to coffee mornings, art shows, and brunches, this has been a fantastic opportunity for carers to come together and […]

Mobility Scooter art

How Long Do Mobility Scooter Batteries Last? There are three main types of mobility scooter batteries: Sealed Lead Acid (also known as AGM) – This battery type is best for occasional users as it produces fewer cycles. This does mean, however, that it also tends to be the cheapest option. Gel cell – Recommended for […]