The Almshouse Association with Grout Insurance Brokers partner with Surewise

The Almshouse Association provide support, information and guidance on a broad range of general and specific issues, to over 1600 independent almshouse member charities that provide around 35,000 dwellings across the United Kingdom. It’s for this reason that we’re delighted to announce that they have partnered with Grout Insurance and Surewise to deliver insurance to their members.

Grout Insurance Brokers specialise in insurance for almshouse charities and has been doing so for more than 30 years. A wide range of insurance is now offered to its clients, ranging from both small and large businesses to private individuals.

Offering Mobility Scooter and Wheelchair insurance available on both monthly or annual contracts, Surewise is one of the leading insurance providers in this area in the UK, and are underwritten by SAGIC to provide ethical, affordable insurance you can trust.

Key Benefits

Surewise mobility scooter insurance covers you against a number of things:

  • Accidental damage
  • Theft or loss
  • Third-party liability
  • Personal accident
  • Breakdown and recovery
  • 24/7 recovery assistance and puncture care

Further information

While mobility scooter insurance is not a mandatory legal requirement in the UK, it is highly recommended. Accidents can happen when you’re driving a vehicle on the pavements or on the road, and having cover in place gives you that added peace of mind should an incident occur involving your mobility scooter when you’re out and about.

These policies are zero excess, and no hidden fees, as well as no age limit or limit on the number of drivers that can be covered (Surewise provide policies per scooter, rather than per rider).

Surewise policies are underwritten by SAGIC, The Salvation Army’s General Insurance Corporation. So not only are you buying a quality insurance policy to safeguard your independence on your mobility scooter, but you’ll also be helping The Salvation Army support people in need by shopping with an ethical underwriter.

For more information on exactly what’s covered and to get a quote for your mobility scooter insurance policy click here.

If you have a wheelchair and you would like a quote for a policy to protect it, please click here