Where to Find Beko Serial Numbers on Appliances?

Having an essential household appliance suddenly breakdown or start acting faulty can be a huge inconvenience, both in terms of disruption to your daily schedule, and financially.

If you need repairs or replacements for your appliances, you will need to provide your engineers with the model and serial number of your appliance so can source the correct parts and use the correct tools.

The placement of the serial and model number differs depending on your appliance type and the brand you have.

Here is some general information on where to find the model and serial number on different Beko appliances:


Beko displays the model and serial number on the inside of the door of the fridge as shown below.

Beko serial numbers on fridge and freezer

Washing machines and tumble dryers

Beko displays the rating plate on the door frame so it becomes visible once you open the washing machine or dryer.

Serial Number for Beko Washing Machine


Beko’s rating plate is at the base near the front.

Beko cooker oven serial number