Where to Find Delonghi Serial Numbers on Appliances?

Looking for the serial number on your Delonghi appliance?

You could need a serial number for a number of reasons, including:

  • Repairs to your appliance
  • Helping your engineer order the correct replacement part
  • Ensuring you or your engineer have the right tools for installation and repairs

There are various places you can check for your rating/data plate on your Delonghi appliance that shows your model and serial number. Where to look depends on what model you have, so below is a guide on all the places you can check for these numbers on your appliance.

Fridges and Freezers

Look on the inside walls or near the salad crisper

serial number


Look behind the door or on the kick strip

dishwasher serial number

Washing machines and dryers

Behind the door, or check the back, sides and kick plate of the machine.

serial number


Look behind the main oven door, the frame behind the door, the sides of the door near the hinges or the side and back panels


Look underneath the hob – viewable by removing the kitchen unit drawer directly below (if applicable) or on the top edge


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