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How Much Does Your Washing Machine Cost to Run?

For those with large families whose washing machine tends to be put into action on a daily basis, it would be a good idea to know just how much energy this continual wash day cycle was using. That way, if the whole business proved to be a costly endeavour, they could really focus on making savings.

It’s difficult – but not impossible – to tell how much a washing machine costs to run. Thankfully the government is going to make it incredibly simple for some of us via a pilot scheme where manufacturers will have to tell the consumer exactly how much using their particular appliance will cost over a nine year period (the average washing machine’s lifespan).

You can expect to see these new stickers in stores such as John Lewis and other major high street electrical suppliers showing exactly how much each individual washing machine costs to run. If the pilot project proves successful however, the move could become law and every new washing machine being sold in the UK would have to display such information.

What the stickers mean

Well, for a start every consumer with a new washing machine in the UK would be able to budget far better – and not just for that coming year but many years ahead too, meaning they would be less likely to fall into debt.

It would also show that buying the least expensive washing machine in the shop may actually prove to be a false economy when running costs prove to be far more costly than a more expensive model.

For example, a comparison by the Daily Mirror newspaper showed that a £399 Hotpoint machine cost £285 to run over nine years while a £411 model from Samsung cost £411 at the outset but its running costs were £71 cheaper.

Meanwhile, the Energy Savings Trust reckon the average washing machine could cost around £63 a year to run (based on an average 274 cycles a year) while a tumble dryer, used 148 times a year would add £92 on to your annual bill.

Energy Secretary Ed Davey – who announced the labelling initiative in September 2013 – reckoned it could save the average family around £500 over a machine’s lifetime. And considering the average energy bill for a UK household is now around £1,230 a year (or £23 a week) then it really couldn’t come soon enough.

Have you worked out how much your washing machine costs to run yet?

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