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Car Insurance

Cover your car against life’s surprises and mishaps

Car insurance is compulsory in the UK, flout the law and you’ll be heavily penalised. However, you don’t just need insurance because the law says so. Cars aren’t cheap to repair or maintain, especially if you’re in an accident. Car cover ensures that you don’t have to come up with a lot of cash on short notice, or max out your credit cards to keep your car on the road.

Car insurance comparison

There are many different car insurance providers in the UK, each offering different deals, so you need to get several quotes before you go with a particular company. Car insurance comparison sites are a great way to do this, as you simply enter in a few essential details and you’ll quickly get a number of quotes to compare.

Remember that you’re not just looking for the cheapest quote, instead you need to look at the whole package deal, including benefits offered as standard, exclusions and optional extras that enhance the extent of your car’s cover.

There are three main types of cover for cars

  • Third party car insurance

If you only want to get enough cover to meet the legal requirements then third party car insurance is for you. It’s the most basic policy available and covers you against any damage you cause when you’re behind the wheel. If you swerve to avoid a child chasing his ball and knock down someone’s fence, your insurance will pay for the damage to the fence. If you’re reversing into a parking space and drive over someone’s foot, your insurance will pay the medical expenses.

Drivers who might be interested in third party cover include those on a tight budget, young drivers, people who don’t drive very much and those whose cars are old and essentially worthless.

  • Third party fire and theft car insurance

This is a step up from basic third party insurance, as it also includes fire damage to your car and covers you if your car is stolen.

  • Comprehensive car insurance

Comprehensive car cover means that you are insured for almost any risk you can think of, including third party cover, fire, theft and accidents.

Specialist car insurance policies are also available for drivers with specific needs. For example:

  • Young drivers
  • Women
  • Classic car insurance
  • Business car insurance
  • Multi-car insurance
  • Short-term car insurance
  • Van insurance
  • Motorbike insurance
  • Caravan insurance
  • Pay-As-You-Go insurance