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Is this cover suitable for you?

This cover is suitable for you if:

  • You employ your own personal assistant or carer.
  • You employ a carer or PA using the Government’s direct payments or other personal budget schemes.
  • You are an Agency employing Carers or Personal Assistants.

At, our aim is to help people to live life confidently, that is why we provide you with a cover that protects you against risks that could occur to you or your carers while they are working for you.

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Why choose us?

These are just a few reasons to choose our policies.

We want to help you and your employees be protected from the unexpected and provide you with:

  • A hassle-free quote process and no hidden fees or credit card charges.
  • Option to pay with monthly payments.
  • The opportunity to change lives. Our policies are underwritten by SAGIC. The Salvation Army General Insurance Corporation, fully owned by The Salvation Army. The best bit is that their profits go to help people in need.
  • Freedom if you want to cancel your policy at any time.
  • Short term policies available.

What is covered?

Have a look at the main coverage

Public Liability

  • Accidental injury to any person
  • Accidental loss of/or damage to material property 
  • Indemnity to other people (including principals)
  • Damage to rented, leased, hired or borrowed properties for your activities.
  • Overseas Personal Liability including bodily injury to any person or damage to material property.
  • Employee’s liability in case of death, bodily injury, illness or disease to you.

Employers Liability up to £10M

  • Bodily injury (including accidental death) to any employee.

Legal Expenses up to £50,000

  • Legal Expenses from employment disputes and compensation awards.
  • Free Legal helpline including employment matters.
  • Free Employment manual.

Some frequently asked questions

Yes. If your carer or personal assistant falls under your direct employ and is not outsourced or self-employed then employer’s liability insurance is essential. This is one of the key benefits of our Carer’s Employer insurance.

Yes. If you employ your carer using a Direct Payment Scheme and other personal budget schemes, you will need to have Employers liability insurance, which is covered under our Carer’s Employer insurance.

Unfortunately, you wouldn’t be covered under our policy if you make your employee redundant.

When you purchase our Carer’s employers insurance policy, you automatically benefit from our free Legal Helpline, which will provide you with the answers you need.

No, this policy has no excess.

You are unable to claim for the first 7 days from policy inception; however, accidental injury cover starts immediately.

No. You don’t need Employers’ Liability insurance if your carer is self-employed. However, we recommend that you find out if your carer has Public Liability insurance. It’s important in case something happens that necessitates an insurance claim. Public Liability insurance is available in all our Carer & Personal Assistant Insurance policies.

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