Leads for Charity Scheme ‘Leads for Charity’ scheme has been set up to help raise funds for various charities from the sale of our insurance products.


When we first launched our Mobility Scooter insurance policy, we were contacted by a charity which required insurance for one of its members. As we’re used to paying for leads from sites such as comparison sites, it only seemed fair to reward the charity for the lead.


We’ve added a list of charities below so that you can select which organisation you would like to benefit from your ‘Leads for Charity’ donation. If you can’t see your charity or would like to recommend a cause, please send an email to

How Much?

We will donate between 10% and 15% of the total policy value to your chosen charity.


We pay raised funds very 3 months when we run our ‘Leads for Charity’ payment run.

Booking a Policy

Select the charity and the insurance product using the form below and our system will automatically tag the sale to your chosen charity.

Recommend a Charity

Please email with the details of the charity and we’ll update this page.