Commercial Storage Insurance

Peace of mind for your business essentials
  • Natural Disasters, Flooding Etc
  • Fire and Explosions
  • Theft and Water Damage
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Commercial Storage Insurance

Cluttered offices and crowded environments make for an unpleasant working space, which is why many businesses these days are opting for commercial self storage options to keep unwanted furniture, paperwork more safely and securely stored off-premises.

Using a self-storage facility to keep your unwanted business items secure is a smart move for many companies, but keeping the items stored inside protected in the event of an unexpected accident is just as important is keeping your work premises and everything inside safe.

Commercial Storage Insurance

For many commercial storage facilities, insuring your belongings may be compulsory, but remember that buying in-house will not always provide you with the best cover (and the best prices) for your requirements.

Commercial storage insurance is available from for both short and long-term rentals, with insurance prices starting as low as £0.50 per week*!

Why Get Commercial Storage Insurance?

Most quality self-storage facilities have 24/7 surveillance, gated entry and top of the range services, so you may be wondering why you need to pay for insurance on top of storing your businesses surplus items there.

Storage insurance covers your belongings against unforeseen incidents and natural disasters including fire, flooding, theft and more. Many businesses choose to store archived paperwork, surplus technology and equipment, and the potential time and monetary cost of having to replace these items should something happen to them can be extremely high. Protecting your items for as little as £0.50 per week provides the peace of mind you need to know you’re covered should something happen to them.

*****What Are You Covered Against? offers commercial storage insurance to cover you against the loss or damage to your stored contents in the event of the following:

  • Natural disasters such as earthquakes, storms, flooding, lightning and weight of snow.
  • Fire and explosion.
  • Escape of water.
  • Theft or attempted theft
  • Falling trees
  • Impact by aircraft or other flying devices
  • Riots, civil commotion and violent disorder.
  • For full details on the range of cover our policies provide, please see our policy document for more information.

    Under our commercial storage insurance policy, any stored items that are lost or damaged will be replaced or repaired, at our discretion.

    What Items are Covered?

    To fully protect your business contents, you’ll need to be sure that your insurance policy covers everything stored inside. Our commercial storage insurance covers you for the following contents:

  • Computers and electronic office equipment
  • Personal documents up to £1,000
  • Household furnishings (furniture, carpets, telephone equipment)
  • Machinery, stock, and tools
  • Valuables up to £1,000
  • Please see our policy booklet for more details on exactly what you’re covered for under our policies.

    Finding the Best Deal for You – Why

    At, we value being able to offer our customers the highest level of cover at leading prices. We constantly compare our rates and coverage with our insurance companies on the market to ensure we stay competitive to able to provide a highly competitive, cost-effective insurance policy for business and home-owners alike.

    Our storage unit insurance prices start at less than £0.50 per week (based on an annual policy for £1000 of cover), so you can rest assured that for a low price, your business contents will be well protected against damage, theft and loss when you store them in self-storage.