Terms & Conditions

About Surewise.com

Our products are provided by several leading insurers. With regards to ownership no underwriter or insurer owns any of the Surewise.com share capital.

Our Regulation

Surewise.com is an appointed representative of Avid Insurance Services Limited. Surewise.com is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). FCA Firm reference Number is 618327.

About the FCA

The Financial Conduct Authority is the UK’s financial regulator, which sets out rules and exercises enforcement powers to ensure that regulations are adhered to and consumers are treated fairly. The FCA is funded by its member firms, which it regulates, and not by the government. You can find out more about the FCA by visiting www.fca.org.uk

Website – Booking Engines – Logos

All intellectual property, copyright and material contained on this website is owned by www.surewise.com, a trading name of Sure Wise Limited. Using this site is for the sole purpose of research on our products and purchasing our products. The use of our logo without prior consent will be deemed as trade infringement and against the trade mark laws.

External and Internal Links

The Surewise.com site includes links to external websites and has links pointing to the site from third parties. These links are to provide the consumer with relevant information and are for marketing purposes.

Call Monitoring & Recording

As part of our continuing effort to ensure you receive the highest service standards, we may monitor and record your call for training purposes.

Statement of Demands and Needs

In choosing any of our products, you have not received any personal recommendations from Surewise.com. This product meets the demands & needs of owners or operators of Surewise.com who wish to have insurance in place to protect their assets by way of General Insurance as shown in the schedule/proposal that you have selected. The choices you will have made depend on your personal circumstances.

The statement confirmation e-mail certificate shows the cover and product you have selected and forms the basis of the insurance contract. It is vitally important that all details on the email certificate are as accurate as possible as any non-disclosure or misrepresentation of a material fact could invalidate all or part of the Insurance contract.

You have a statutory right under Financial Conduct Authority Rules to cancel your policy within 14 days after the later date of the purchase of the contract or the day on which you receive your policy documentation. If you wish to exercise your right of cancellation, please telephone our office. All policies cancelled within the 14-day cooling period are entitled to a full refund on any premium paid. If you wish to cancel your policy after the 14-day cooling off period a charge may be made for your insurance based on the period of cover and our appropriate fee as disclosed in our terms of business document.

Offering Advice

Surewise.com does not offer advice or make recommendations with regards to the cover that consumers should take out. The aim of our service is to ask questions to determine which policy is the right one for the consumer. However, the choice of policy is down to the customer.

Financial Services Compensation Scheme

The Financial Services Compensation Scheme works alongside the Financial Conduct Authority. This is a compensation fund that is designed to protect the consumer against financial losses. The fund is designed to pay out compensation to the consumer if the company is unable to pay out on a claim due to insolvency or because it has ceased trading. To learn more about the FSCS visit www.fscs.org.uk

Your Policy

In order to ensure that you get the right level of cover you will need to choose the level of cover that best meets your needs. All information relating to your quotation, level of cover, and our terms and conditions are made available via the website and through policy summaries. When you purchase a policy from Surewise.com you have the right to cancel within 14 days of receipt of your policy documents.


How do I complain? Surewise.com aims to provide you with a first class service and is committed to providing you with an excellent claims handling service. If, however, there is an occasion when you feel you have not received the service you expect please Surewise.com, so that the problem can be satisfactorily resolved. If you have any disability that makes communication difficult, please inform Surewise.com for help. In the first instance please address your correspondence to Surewise.com, 191 High Road, Benfleet, Essex SS7 5HY. Telephone number: 01268 200020.

The Administrator has internal complaints handling procedures which you can ask to see. Please supply your name, address, schedule reference number and where possible enclose copies of relevant correspondence as this will help to deal with your concern in the shortest possible time. Further details will be provided at the appropriate stage of the complaints process. This complaints procedure does not affect your right to take legal action.

Data Protection Act

To set up and administer your policy insurers will hold and use information about you supplied by you. It may be sent in confidence for processing to other companies (or companies acting on instructions) including those located outside the European Economic Area.

Booking Online

Bookings through Surewise.com websites are deemed to be made when validated on the website. Bookings made by telephone are deemed to be made when confirmed by a Surewise.com call centre operator.


Payment for a policy is made via credit or debit card using WorldPay. You can choose to pay monthly or annually. All prices are quoted in pounds Sterling including IPT (Insurance Premium Tax).

This policy will last for 12 months from the policy start date shown on your insurance schedule. This is an annual policy which is paid for monthly or annually by credit card or direct debit. If you do not make the monthly or annual payment when it becomes due your insurance will be terminated.

Auto Renewal

This policy is provided on an ‘auto renew’ basis which means that we will automatically renew your cover at the end of your cover period for a further 12 months using the payment details that you have provided, unless you tell us not to. If you have paid by card, and your card details change, your card provider may supply us with updated card details which we will use at renewal. We will email you at least three weeks before your renewal date advising you of your renewal terms.

What if my card is refused?

Cards are not refused by www.surewise.com but by your bank or card issuer. There could be many reasons this may happen and we suggest you contact your card issuer in the first instance if you incur a problem with your payment being declined.

Can I have a receipt?

Yes. You will receive a confirmation of your payment on your screen after you make the payment. This will display your unique transaction number. You will also receive an email confirming the payment has been successful. If you are making a booking over the telephone, our customer service team will give you this once the transaction has been authorised; you will also receive an email confirmation.

I’ve paid the wrong amount – can I have a refund?

If you have overpaid your account please telephone our Customer Service team on 01268 200020 or email customerservices@surewise.com

Cooling Off Period

The policy contains a cooling off period, which allows you to return it and obtain a full refund if you have a reason to be dissatisfied with the cover provided, providing that this is done within 14 days from the date of issue and the policy has not been used and is not subject to a possible claim


You have a right to cancel your transaction/policy with 14 days of the receipt of your documentation. To cancel your policy please call our Customer Service team on 01268 200 020 or email customerservices@surewise.com.