Home Emergency All-in-One Policy

From just £45.00 a year
  • 24-hour Emergency Line
  • No call-out fees
  • One policy for a wide range of emergencies

Home Emergency All in One Insurance

No Need to Insure Emergency Events Separately with Our Home Emergency Cover

Instead of having to think of all the emergencies that you could have to deal with as a homeowner, and then insuring them all separately, you can enjoy the convenience and cost-effectiveness of Surewise.com’s home emergency all-in-one insurance policy which offers comprehensive cover. Home emergency all-in-one insurance covers a host of possible events at your home that will require emergency repairs or assistance, including plumbing, drains, electrics, boilers, central heating systems and pest infestation (wasp nests, field/house mice or brown rats).

All this comes from only £45.00 per year: Optional Excess, No Hidden Charges and all terms and conditions in plain English. You can read exactly what is and what is not covered right here.

Key Benefits of our Home Emergency All-in-One Insurance

  • We aim to offer you the same rate after the first year.
  • We cover from £250 to £750 per claim – that means it could take 8.5 years of insuring with us before it costs the same as ONE maximum claim.
  • There is a choice of excess and no call out charges – so it offers complete protection against emergency call outs, allowing you to budget easily.
  • 24 Hour dedicated telephone assistance 365 days a year – so we can help you on Christmas day.
  • Only a two week waiting period before you can claim on domestic policies.
  • Access to a network of quality-approved engineers and technicians nationwide

What constitutes an emergency?

The following are considered home emergencies in terms of your policy:

  • Breakdown of your domestic heating system
  • Failure of your domestic water mains and electricity supply
  • Break-in or vandalism compromising the security of your home
  • Burst pipes and sudden leakage
  • Blocked drains and sewers
  • Inoperable toilet (no other toilet available)