Home Emergency Cover

We aim to be as clear and transparent as possible, so have produced a list of some key items that our policies do and don’t cover. We hope it helps!

Covered Not Covered
Burst pipes or sudden leakage Claims that arise within the first 28 days of the first period of insurance. Any circumstances known to you at the time of applying for this insurance or at any time prior to the commencement of this
From £250 to £750 per claim, depending on cover level. Normal day-to-day property maintenance or gradual deterioration in performance which do not give rise to an emergency
Complete failure of your domestic water mains or electricity supply Damage caused to contents
Blocked drains or sewers causing damage to your internal property Costs associated with another property or communal/shared areas if your property is in a multiple occupancy or multi-usage block or building
Complete failure of your primary heating system Equipment which has not been installed, serviced or maintained in accordance with statutory regulations or manufacturer’s instructions or any boilers over 10 years old
Damage to, or mechanical failure of, the only accessible toilet or cistern in your insured property which results in complete loss of function Damage incurred when the property has been left unattended for more than 30 days
No call out charges! Any amount payable in respect of costs recoverable under any building or contents insurance or under any form of insurance or maintenance agreement
Missing or repositioned roof tiles Any costs when you have not notified us and have not obtained our prior consent
Break-in or vandalism compromising the security of your home Flat or tarpaulin roofs
blocked or misaligned guttering
Removal of wasp nests, field or house mice or brown rats within your Insured Property Any infestations or pests in gardens, or outbuildings
any damage caused by the pests or infestations or by their removal
24 Hour dedicated telephone assistance 365 days a year Subsequent claims arising from the same cause or event when you have not taken the action recommended by our contractor to effect a permanent repair
Any claims relating to the electricity supply of burglar/fire alarm systems, CCTV surveillance or swimming pools, their associated heating, piping installation and accessories

Please check the specific exclusions relating to boilers and central heating here.

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