Landlords Legal Expenses Insurance

Protect Yourself From Legal Expenses
  • No Excess On Legal Claims
  • No Hidden Costs
  • Legal Fees Up To £50,000 Per Claim

Landlords Legal Expenses Insurance

Legal Expenses Cover for your Rentals

Don’t stay awake at night worrying about your other properties. Our Landlords legal expenses cover will do the worrying and the work for you by covering everything from legal disputes surrounding the property to service charge and damages recovery. Not only this, but all claims incur absolutely NO EXCESS.

The Key Benefits Include Legal Protection for*:

  • The physical possession of the property
  • Dilapidations to the property
  • Actual or alleged nuisance coming from the residential property
  • Proceedings for collecting unpaid service charges from the tenant
  • Disputes surrounding the letting of property owned by you

*Please note that conditions apply and these are outlined in the policy wording document

More Benefits for our Landlords’ Legal Expenses Insurance Customers

We offer expert help and support through a Legal Advice line where we advise you on the claims and legal process and on what forms to fill out. This will ensure that your dispute is resolved with the least delay.

You will also have the option to take out an additional policy for rental protection.

More Benefits Include Legal Support for:

  • A tenant’s or other third parties’ alleged or actual negligent act or omission, nuisance, trespass or criminal damage relating to the property which causes or could cause physical damage or financial loss
  • Infringement of your legal rights or the legal rights of a tenant or other third party by you arising out of or relating to the rightful occupation or ownership of the property by you
  • A contract entered into by you for the sale or purchase of the property
  • The actual loss of salary or wages you for up to £100 per person per day for the time off work to attend any court or tribunal hearing

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Please note there is a 14-day Moratorium with this policy before you are able to make a claim.