Landlords Rent Guarantee Insurance

Protect Your Rental Income
  • No Excess On Claims
  • No Hidden Costs
  • 6 or 12 Month Policy

Landlords Rent Guarantee Insurance

Landlords rent guarantee insurance protects landlords if  tenants fail to pay the rent or service charges.

Our Landlords rent guarantee insurance is included with legal expenses and advice. This means you are covered against a range of risks, including legal disputes surrounding the property, rent recovery, and recovery of service charges that are due. Not only this, but this policy provides landlords with expert helpline support for a range of legal matters.

Legal helpline

You can access legal advice by phoning the Qdos Legal Advice Line. You’ll find the number on your policy schedule. Legal advice for landlords includes:

  • Employment tax
  • Health and safety
  • Contractual matters

The Key Areas of Cover Include:

  • Cover for rent that your tenants have not paid
  • Cover for service charges not paid by your tenant and the legal expenses for dispute
  • Protection against legal expenses should you need legal intervention
  • No excess for legal protection and low excess for rent guarantee
  • Legal costs for rent debt recovery
  • Loss of salary for time off work to attend hearings
  • Much much more!

It’s highly recommended that you take advantage of the legal advice helpline. Advice is especially important when it comes to drawing up a tenancy agreement that protects your interests and your tenants’ rights. It’s essential to include the consequences of late rent payments and the procedure to recover rent arrears. It’s also important to detail service charges for which the tenant is responsible so there is no confusion regarding payments. The clearer the tenancy agreement, the better for both landlords and tenants.

Please note there is a 14-day Moratorium with this policy before you are able to make a claim.