Scunthorpe Mobility Scooter Users Faced with Tough New Rules

Scunthorpe Mobility Scooter Users Faced with Tough New Rules

Following the devastating events of the Grenfell Tower fire disaster that killed more than 80 people in June, mobility scooter users are faced with far tougher rules imposed on the four high-rise blocks of flats in Scunthorpe in an attempt to raise safety standards and reduce risks in the case of accidents and emergencies.

Landlords at Ongo Homes compiled a proposal suggesting that Class 3 Scooters should no longer be permitted within the buildings. They can be driven on the roads but must be left outside the building, with users unable to charge their scooters continuously or to transport scooters in lifts.

A further proposal is that all mobility scooter users should have their scooters serviced annually, with proof provided when requested. Owners will also be required to be insured against public liability up to the value of £1 million.

To accommodate these rules, Ongo, who manage the Scunthorpe flats at Market Hill and Trent View House, have suggested that dedicated storage areas are assigned to mobility scooters on the ground floor, with charge points, smoke alarms and fire safe doors fitted to these areas.

In an open-letter, Scunthorpe tenants were told of the newer rules that: “It is our sole aim to keep you safe as possible and we feel that by having these additional requirements in place for those who own a mobility scooter will further allow us to do so.

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