10 Troubleshooting Tips for iPad Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

Man using Tablet

The iPad is an extremely convenient device for checking your email and social networking accounts, as well as for catching up on your daily reading. This is why it is frustrating when your iPad does not connect to the home Wi-Fi network, or when you experience inordinately slow internet speeds on the iPad.

If you are having difficulty connecting your iPad to your home Wi-Fi network, here is a list of potential fixes that may solve the problem.

1. Check Wi-Fi Network

Ensure that there is no problem with your Wi-Fi network. Try connecting other devices such as your mobile phone, or wireless music system, to check that your home Wi-Fi network is working. If other devices are connecting to the network, then clearly the issue is with the iPad. If the problem is with the Wi-Fi network, unplug your wireless router for a few seconds, before restarting and try connecting the iPad once again.

2. Restart your iPad

A simple restart of your iPad may solve the problem of your iPad not connecting to the Wi-Fi network.

3. Remove iPad case

If you have bought a new cover for the iPad, remove it and try connecting to your Wi-Fi network (the casing may be obstructing the signal).

4. Turn off Bluetooth

Turning off the Bluetooth on your iPad can boost the Wi-Fi network connectivity.

5. Re-enter Wi-Fi Password

Re-enter the existing Wi-Fi password. Sometimes changing the password on your Wi-Fi network can also help solve the issue.

6. Delete Wi-Fi network

Go to settings on your iPad and select ‘forget this network’; then reconnect your iPad to the network.

7. Turn-off ‘Ask to Join Networks’

This option causes your iPad to continuously search for other networks. Some people have reported better network speeds on their iPad when this option is turned-off.

8. Increase iPad Brightness

Strange as it sounds, some iPad users have stated  that increasing screen brightness improves Wi-Fi connectivity when the iPad is used after waking from sleep mode.

9. Reset Network Setting

Reset the network settings on your iPad. Go to settings> general> reset, and select reset network settings.

10. Change Wireless Security Setting

Change the settings on your wireless router by toggling between WPA and WEP.

If you are still unable to connect your iPad to your home Wi-Fi or continue to face internet speed issues, visit the nearest Apple Store for a thorough assessment of the problem.