How to Fix a Frozen iPhone

IphoneA troubleshooting guide for resolving a frozen iPhone

Having your iPhone get stuck or frozen can be frustrating. Try these simple troubleshooting tips to fix the problem.

    1. Restart the phone: Press the on/off button for 10 seconds until the red slider appears. Slide the screen for the phone to switch it off. Restart the phone by pressing the on/off button again until the Apple logo appears.
    2. Reset: If your iPhone is not responding or not behaving as it should, a simple reset can solve the problem. Follow the following steps:
      • Press the ‘sleep/wake’ button (on the right of the device) and the ‘home’ button (on the face of the phone) at the same time.
      • Keep both buttons pressed, until the phone screen goes black and you see a silver Apple logo appear on the screen. This usually takes about 10 seconds.
      • Release the buttons. Your phone will begin rebooting.

Now only follow the next step if you have a recent back up, otherwise take it to your nearest Apple store.

  1. Recovery mode: If you have tried both the above steps, but the phone does not restart or if the phone does not move beyond the silver Apple logo, you may have to put the device in recovery mode.
    • Connect the USB cable to the computer. DO NOT connect the cable to the iPhone just yet
    • Turn of the phone by pressing the on/off button
    • If the phone does not switch off, simultaneously press the sleep/wake button and the home button
    • With the phone switched off, press the home button on your phone and connect the dock connector to the USB cable ( which is already attached to your computer)
    • The phone should turn on and display the silver Apple logo
    • Keep holding the home button, until you see the iTunes logo or the USB cable appears on the screen
    • Release the button
    • Your phone is now in recovery mode
    • The empty battery red icon may appear. Charge the battery for a few minutes before restarting the phone.
  2. Restore mode: Once your phone is in recovery mode, you will be prompted to restore it. However, before you progress further, ensure that you have backed up all the data on your phone. The following is the recommended method for restoring your iPhone:
    • Connect your phone to the computer
    • Go to iTunes,  the Devices list and select iPhone
    • Click on ‘Summary’ seen at the top of the screen
    • Click ‘ Check for updates’ for any new version of the software
    • Click ‘Restore’.
    • Follow onscreen instructions to complete the process
    • Once the restore has been completed, you can restore your content from the backup.

If the phone is still unresponsive, then you likely have a hardware problem. Visit your nearest Apple service store.

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