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Mobility Scooter art

There are several things you need to consider before you buy a mobility scooter, but one of the first is whether you’re going to buy your scooter online or in-store. Buying online has the benefit of being convenient, but you don’t benefit from in-store service and advice.

house sold

How To Sell Your Home for More: 7 Tips to Staging Your Home Preparing your home for potential buyers – otherwise known as ‘staging’ – is an important process to ensure your property has maximum appeal for buyers. Staging your home correctly can not only sell your property faster, but can also help to add […]


Hob Kettle vs Electric Kettle: Which Saves More Energy? It’s a bit of an age-old conundrum and incites lots of discussions – some of them reasoned; some just plain silly and make us boiling mad (sorry, couldn’t resist the pun). To date, we’ve found no definitive answer to the question of whether it costs more […]

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Choosing the Right Television Size for Your Home It’s been a long day at work/university/ferrying the kids and all you want to do is plonk on the couch and wait for that fuzzy feeling of well-being. And then you reach for the remote to find out what happened in the world while you were slaving […]