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Central Heating Apps, Control From your Smart Phone It’s one of the fastest growing app markets – software for controlling our energy use. Apple’s got in on the act via a former employee while huge energy providers such as British Gas also want a share of the pie. Here are four of the best central […]

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Guide to the Most Common Central Heating Problems (& Solutions) It’s not unusual for central heating systems to get a little out of synch every now and then. Often, the problems aren’t very serious and just need a slight adjustment or a little tinker to solve. But sometimes the problems are more serious and calling […]

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Does Central Heating Affect Asthma? There is conflicting evidence that suggests central heating systems both improve and aggravate asthma. This is obviously confusing, not to mention unsettling, especially for parents who want to ensure their children remain healthy. Should they or shouldn’t they rely on central heating to keep their homes at an even temperature […]

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6 Common Central Heating Pump Breakdowns Indicators of central heating pump problem If your central heating system displays any of the problem signs listed below, it is likely that the central heating pump in your boiler is not working as effectively as it should. Poor heating performance – central heating system taking longer than usual […]