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Easy Peasy Tips for Home Improvements that Save Money On Your Energy Bill Living can be expensive. When we think about the costs of everyday living we need to consider the cost of food, travel, rent and then bills on top of that and that’s just to get by! Sometimes it feels like there’s nothing […]

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Government Tells Landlords: Green Up & Improve Energy Efficiency 2016 has been a heck of a year for landlords, and there are still 4.5 months to go. The latest is the revision of the government’s energy efficiency policy for landlords. It’ss be illegal for landlords to rent any property that doesn’t meet Band E energy […]

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8 Ways to Reduce Your Fridge’s Energy Consumption The fridge in your house works round the clock all year through. So it should come as no surprise that it is a top contributor to your monthly energy bills. Annual running cost of a fridge can be anywhere between £12 and £38, depending on its energy […]

What Exactly Are Dryer Balls and Do They Work? Have you heard of dryer balls? They’re literally little balls that you put into your tumble dryer to speed up drying time and save energy. At least that’s the theory, but do they really work or are they a complete waste of money? The manufacturers (of […]