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pipe repair

Tardy Tenants are Financial Nightmares for Landlords If you’ve ever been a landlord, this scenario will almost certainly sound familiar to you. Your property needs a small repair. It’s a loose door hinge, a dripping pipe, or something else minor that could easily be repaired by the tenants in an hour or two. It could […]

damp and mould

Why Landlords and Tenants Hate Mould / Damp Mould, landlords and tenants: They’re combustible combination. Tenants feel landlords ought to take responsibility for the problem and fix it ASAP without any cost to them. Landlords, on the other hand, often feel that mould and damp caused by condensation is tenants’ fault because they dry clothes […]

Green home landlord insurance

Government Tells Landlords: Green Up & Improve Energy Efficiency 2016 has been a heck of a year for landlords, and there are still 4.5 months to go. The latest is the revision of the government’s energy efficiency policy for landlords. It’ss be illegal for landlords to rent any property that doesn’t meet Band E energy […]