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pipe repair

Tardy Tenants are Financial Nightmares for Landlords If you’ve ever been a landlord, this scenario will almost certainly sound familiar to you. Your property needs a small repair. It’s a loose door hinge, a dripping pipe, or something else minor that could easily be repaired by the tenants in an hour or two. It could […]

private landlords shakedown

Private Landlords Fight Unfair Buy to Let Tax Changes Changes to tax laws that govern buy-to-let properties have landlords up in arms. The planned buy-to-let tax is deemed unfair because it targets private landlords who have buy-to-let properties in their own names and doesn’t target companies that invest in rental properties. Furthermore, tax will be […]

community living in built-to-rent apartments

The Built-to-Rent Market Threatens Buy-to-Let Private Landlords Property is a smart investment. With more people unable to afford to buy their own property and needing to rent long-term, investing in the rental market is a good idea. While renting is a good idea for landlords, it’s not ideal for tenants. Negligent landlords are a problem […]

end of tenancy cleaning

Who is Responsible for End of Tenancy Cleaning It’s enough of a chore to clean up after yourself, let along cleaning up after others. So when you move into a new flat, you don’t want any signs of the previous tenant. Particularly if the signs indicate a lax attitude to hygiene. End of tenancy cleaning ensures […]


Buy-to-let property owners want the best possible returns. One of the most promising areas is the short-term rental market. In the short-term renal market landlords let their properties at daily, weekly or monthly rates.

Deposit Into Piggy Bank

Deposit Protection is Failing Tenants: Here is What You Need to Know Rent (or tenancy) deposit protection schemes are designed to protect the deposit amount that tenants pay landlords when they move into a property. The deposit is supposed to be reserved for repairs to damage or replacement of lost (or stolen) items. It is […]

Green home landlord insurance

Government Tells Landlords: Green Up & Improve Energy Efficiency 2016 has been a heck of a year for landlords, and there are still 4.5 months to go. The latest is the revision of the government’s energy efficiency policy for landlords. It’ss be illegal for landlords to rent any property that doesn’t meet Band E energy […]

energy performance in homes

What Do New Landlords Need to Know About Energy Performance Certificates Energy efficiency is one of the most important issues of our time, and it’s an issue that the UK government takes very seriously. In 2008, legislation regarding energy performance certificates (EPC) gave landlords incentive to improve the energy efficiency of their properties. If you’re looking […]

Universal Credit Landlords

Exactly How Does Universal Credit Affect Tenants & Landlords? Universal Credit is rolling out across the UK, but not everyone is happy, especially landlords. The intentions behind Universal Credit (UC) are good. It replaces 6 different benefits and simplifies payments. It should also encourage recipients to learn financial responsibility. Unfortunately, the process is proving problematic. […]

Happy retired couple

Landlords Benefit from Massive Growth in Retirement Rental What do you want to do with your retirement years? Do you want to indulge your love for travel? Do you want to live close to your children and grandchildren? Would you prefer a quiet life in the country? Whatever you want to do, you have to make […]