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Want to enjoy a long weekend away this summer, but worried about travelling with your mobility scooter? Here, we’ve listed some of the top accessible destinations and attractions in the UK so you can enjoy some well-deserved time off without the stresses of travelling with limited mobility.

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What are the UK rules and regulations for mobility scooters? Here, we cover your frequently asked questions regarding mobility scooters and the law to help you drive safer when using your mobility scooter.

What is Attendance Allowance? | Eligibility Requirements & How to Claim If you have limited mobility or a disability, you may be entitled to a range of benefits in the UK. However, knowing which benefits you qualify for and how to apply for them can be a confusing topic – so at Surewise.com, we aim […]

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There are several things you need to consider before you buy a mobility scooter, but one of the first is whether you’re going to buy your scooter online or in-store. Buying online has the benefit of being convenient, but you don’t benefit from in-store service and advice.

Planning Weekends Away with Your Mobility Scooter

How to Plan the Perfect Weekend Away with Your Mobility Scooter When you rely on your mobility scooter on a daily basis, it can be a daunting task to attempt to organise a weekend away from the familiarity of your home area. However, these days your mobility scooter is definitely one thing you shouldn’t need […]

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Top Tips for Maintaining Your Mobility Scooter Year Round If you’ve just purchased a new mobility scooter, one of your first concerns should be learning how to maintain your mobility scooter to ensure it lasts as long as possible. Mobility scooters are often a big investment, so keeping your scooter in top condition should be […]

Could the Law on Mobility Scooters Be About to Change? Statistics released from the Department of Transport last year revealed that the number of deaths resulting from mobility scooters in 2016 was at an all-time high of 14, with the total number of incidents reported at 260 – almost triple that of 2012, where the […]

Mobility Scooter Safety

Mobility Scooter Safety: 6 Tips to Using Your Scooter Safely this Winter Winter can present a number of hazards for mobility scooter users, and keeping safe requires more care and planning than ever. When you’re out and about running errands this winter, keep our tips below in mind to make sure you’re staying safe when you’re […]

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Scunthorpe Mobility Scooter Users Faced with Tough New Rules Following the devastating events of the Grenfell Tower fire disaster that killed more than 80 people in June, mobility scooter users are faced with far tougher rules imposed on the four high-rise blocks of flats in Scunthorpe in an attempt to raise safety standards and reduce […]

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Best UK Mobility Scooter Manufacturers by Size & Portability Whether you’re ageing gracefully and want to maintain your independence, or need something that will enable your child to stay independent through a difficult illness or injury, there are mobility scooters to meet your needs. The mobility aid industry in the UK is growing exponentially. So […]

Collapsible Mobility Scooters – The SureMag Review No one could argue that mobility scooters aren’t a godsend, allowing people with a mobility-related disability to remain independent as they transport themselves from A – B. Transporting mobility scooters, on the other hand, can be a painful experience, especially if you’ve got a large deluxe machine. Fortunately, […]

Mobility scooter insurance

Mobility Scooters and Third Party Liability Cover There’s much ado about an obscure European law dating back to the early 70s which has been dragged back into the light. The law effectively makes insurance for all motorised vehicles, including motorised wheelchairs, ride-on lawnmowers, golf-buggies and mobility scooters, compulsory. Currently, nobody in the EU or UK […]

Mobility scooter and trains

Mobility Scooters on the Trains The biggest problem that concerns mobility scooters and public trains lies in the design of the scooter. Mobility scooters are designed to allow people with special mobility needs to get around indoors and outdoors without having to walk or use public or private transportation. They aren’t designed to be carried […]

Mobility scooter road rules

Mobility Scooters on the Roads The rules for mobility scooters on the road are the same for motorists; however, there are some cautionary rules which apply specifically to mobility scooter (or invalid carriage) users. So you should begin by familiarising yourself with the most pertinent rules which apply. On the road Take good care when […]

Mobility scooter insurance

Mobility Scooters, Road Tax and VAT Exemptions There were some big changes to vehicle tax during 2014, notably the disappearance of the paper licence disc and the appearance of an automated tracking system called ANPR – automatic number plate recognition. One of the questions people have regarding the new system is how the changes relate […]