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Ant Infestations

How to Get Rid of Ants Ant can be harmless nuisance if they get into the home, and although it can seem almost impossible to get rid of them completely, there are easy solutions you can use. If you see an ant, it will have come from a nearby colony numbering thousands, so dealing with […]

Flea infestation home emergency insurance

Your Guide to A Flea Infestations How to get rid of fleas in your house and on your cats and dogs Fleas, like most house mites and bugs, are among any homeowner’s worst nightmares. While getting rid of fleas in your home can be quite simple, you have to be very thorough in your approach, […]

Ant Infestations

A Guide to Ant Infestations Of all the pests that invade the home, household ants are probably the least threatening. But that doesn’t mean that they are welcome. We take a look at how you can prevent an ant infestation as well as how to get rid of an existing ant invasion, including commercial ant […]

Cockroach pest infestation insurance

A Guide to Cockroach Infestations Cockroaches are dreaded and feared by almost every person on the planet. They have been around forever and, thanks to their legendary ability to survive a nuclear holocaust, they will probably be around forever more. However, despite their bad rap, cockroaches are a species to be admired. They are well-organised […]

Brown rat pest home emergency insurance

A Guide to Rat Infestations The words ‘rat infestation’ are enough to send homeowners shivering in terror, but don’t worry, there are ways in which you can get rid of a rat infestation humanely. Read our guide for more information on rats, how to identify possible rat infestations, the risks of infestation and the best […]

Mouse infestation pest home emergency insurance

A Guide to Mice Infestations While they might look cute and cuddly in the pet store, a mouse infestation in your house is destructive and costly. To make matters worse, it seems that not only are mice infestations becoming more common, but the mice themselves are also becoming bolder. While mice might not be as […]

Hornet pest infestation home emergency insurance

A Guide to Hornets With summer around the corner you might be just a little apprehensive about what to do with the accompanying increase in insects, especially the stinging kind, and more especially hornets. Expect to see hornets from around the beginning of May until the end of September, although they have been known to […]

Yellow jacket wast home emergency pest insurance

A Guide to Wasps The common wasp (Hymenoptera apocrita) is something like a cross between an ant and a bee, and causes fear in most sane human beings. It’s important to note, however, that wasps are enormously important in natural biocontrol and are consequently used in agriculture as a natural means of controlling pests that […]

The 5 Most Common Household Pests in the UK Pest infestations, whether ants, birds, rats or bed bugs, are not pleasant to deal with. Unfortunately, they are a fact of life. Fortunately, there are ways in which you can identify them and try preventing them from gaining a secure foothold in your home. A couple […]