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Does Your insurance Cover you if Your Ceiling Caves In? What happens when the water tank in your attic begins to slowly leak, or the pipes in your loft burst? Though the two scenarios are very different, the reality is that if the leaking tank goes unnoticed for long enough, the end result is the […]

Timber frame Houses: Common Problems and Treatment Timber frame houses may not be as popular in the UK as some other countries in the world, but that seems to be changing with stats showing that at least a quarter of new home builds use timber frames. There are many advantages to choosing a timber frame, […]

How to Deal with Rats Rats! The word alone is enough to make some people leap onto furniture and whip out their phones to call the exterminator. The first instinct is usually kill, kill, kill – but all that does is take care of one or two particular rats, it doesn’t really take care of […]