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Cover Includes;

✓  Individuals Employing their own Carers/PAs

  Employers Liability up to £10m

✓  Public Liability up to £5m

✓  Legal Expenses & Redundancy Cover

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Employers Liability Insurance for Carers & Personal Assistants

Our Home Employment Insurance protects You & your Carer or PA against claims made as a result of your care.

For people with specific needs that require assistance in their day to day lives, there are few options to choose from when arranging support, such as; hiring a Self Employed Carer, paying an organisation to provide care services or hiring a Personal Assistant directly.

Whether you receive support from the government or fund your own care, directly hiring one or multiple PAs/Carers means that you are regarded as an Employer under UK Law. This means it is a legal requirement for you to provide insurance for your employees that protects their health & safety, this specific type of cover is called Employers Liability Insurance.

Our Home Employment Insurance incorporates employers liability insurance for carers, public liability insurance & legal expenses cover, safeguarding you and your employees against claims that could occur whilst they are at work. The specifics of each element are;

  • Employers Liability which covers you, the employer, against claims in the event of injury to your employee as a result of their work.
  • Public Liability which covers you & your employees against a wider range of claims in connection with their work, these claims can be made by yourself, your employee or a third party. Some examples of these claims are; Accidental loss of your property, Accidental damage to your carers property, Accidental injury to a third party or loss/damage to their property.
  • Legal Expenses which covers the potential costs of defending your legal rights in a court of law as a result of an insured event. We also provide a 24/7 Legal Advice Helpline that we encourage full use of and an employment manual offering up-to-date guidance on the ever-changing topic of employment law.

With 3 different levels of cover with a range of benefits tailored to your needs with the aim to allow you to live life confidently. Some of these benefits are; emergency dental cover, motor theft, employee negligence, redundancy cover, travel, medical expenses & much more.

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Not an Employer? Are you looking for Self-employed Carer’s Insurance?

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Employ Carers to provide care services? Are you looking for Carer Employment Insurance?

Why choose us?

These are just a few reasons to choose our policies.

We want to help you and your employees be protected from the unexpected and provide you with:

  • A hassle-free, simple quote process.
  • Manage your policy online in your ‘My Account’
  • No hidden fees or credit card charges.
  • Freedom if you want to cancel your policy at any time.

Our policies change lives.

All our Carers insurance policies are underwritten by SAGIC, The Salvation Army General Insurance Corporation, who are wholly owned by The Salvation Army and their profits go to help people in need. This means that when you take a policy with us, you are not only protecting yourself but also helping those in need.

What is covered?

Have a look at the main coverage

Public Liability up to £5m

  • Accidental injury to any person
  • Accidental loss of/or damage to material property
  • Indemnity to other people (including principals)
  • Damage to rented, leased, hired or borrowed properties for your activities.
  • Overseas Personal Liability including bodily injury to any person or damage to material property.
  • Employee’s liability in case of death, bodily injury, illness or disease to you.

Employers Liability up to £10m

  • Bodily injury (including accidental death) to any employee.

Legal Expenses up to £100,000

  • Legal Expenses from employment disputes and compensation awards.
  • Free Legal helpline including employment matters.
  • Free Employment manual.

What is not covered?

We aim to be as clear and transparent as possible, please ensure that you read the policy wording and have a good understanding of what is and what is not covered. A few examples of events that are not covered are;

  • Personal accident not involving bodily injury
  • Liability arising directly or indirectly from treatment of any kind (other than first aid), respite, domiciliary or medical care services
  • Liability arising from or caused by a deliberate or intentional act by, or omission.
  • Liability for any act which is deemed to be criminal by any competent authority
  • Liability for any physical, verbal or written action that constitutes sexual abuse, molestation, bullying or harassment or results in mental anguish

For any questions that you might have around this topic, please feel free to contact our customer services department by telephone on 01268 200 020.

Some frequently asked questions

Yes. If your carer or personal assistant falls under your direct employ and is not outsourced or self-employed then employer’s liability insurance is essential. This is one of the key benefits of our Carer’s Employer insurance.

Yes. If you employ your carer directly, you will need to have Employers liability insurance which is included in our Home Employment Policy.

Yes, we cover redundancy on all our policies, up to £7000 on our Gold cover.

When you purchase our Carer’s employers insurance policy, you automatically benefit from our free Legal Helpline, which will provide you with the answers you need.

No, this policy has no excess.

You are unable to claim for the first 7 days from policy inception; however, accidental injury cover starts immediately.

No. Our policies cover unlimited carers and PA’s

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