Direct Payments Carer Insurance

Cover Includes;

  • Direct Payments Arranged Care
  • Employers Liability up to £10m
  • Public Liability up to £5m
  • Legal Expenses & Redundancy Cover
  • Many Healthcare Tasks Covered As Standard

From just £59 per year

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Direct Payments Carer Insurance

For people receiving financial support from the government, you can obtain personal health budgets as disability direct payments that allow you more freedom of choice over the support you receive, for example;

If you have a direct payments personal assistant, you are regarded as an employer under UK law and have specific responsibilities to your employees. Things, like managing payroll, taxes and having the right insurance, are critical things for you to consider. Some people that receive a carers personal budget would rather not have the extra responsibility; fortunately, you can appoint a third party to provide direct payments guidance, maintain your personal budget, payroll and insurance.

Our Direct Payments Carer Insurance can be taken out by you or under your instruction by your chosen 3rd party. It is designed to protect you & your employee against claims that could arise in connection with you receiving care. The policy is comprised of employers liability, public liability & legal expenses, to provide comprehensive cover against potential claims risks such as;

With 3 different levels of cover with a range of benefits tailored to your needs with the aim to allow you to live life confidently. Some of these benefits are; emergency dental cover, motor theft, employee negligence, redundancy cover, travel, medical expenses & much more.

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Funding & Employing your own carer/PAs? Are you looking for Home Employment Insurance?

Own a business that employs carers? Are you looking for Carer Employment Insurance?

Why choose us?

These are just a few reasons to choose our policies.

We want to help you be protected from unexpected and provide you with:

We currently work with over 70 local authorities and also arrange insurance directly with customers. We work with Payroll companies on an invoice basis, plus we provide dedicated fulfilment systems, licensing to arrange insurance and we provide a dedicated account manager. We also provide full regulatory training for partners on all our Direct Payment Carers Insurance policies.  To find out more,  please contact us.

Our policies change lives.

All our Carers policies are underwritten by The Salvation Army General Insurance Corporation Ltd (sagic). Sagic are owned by The Salvation Army and support the diverse work of the renowned global charity. This means when you buy a policy, you will help fund vital community projects across the UK.

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Direct Payments Resource Centre

Our Direct Payments Resource Centre has been created to signpost service users and personal assistants towards a collection of helpful documents and guides. These resources can help service users recruit and manage their personal assistants (PAs). We also offer training guides and tools for personal assistants to improve their caregiving skills and better support the service users they assist.

What is covered?

Have a look at the main coverage

Public Liability up to £5m

Employers Liability up to £10m

Legal Expenses up to £100,000

Healthcare Tasks

  • A wide range of healthcare tasks is automatically included as standard.  Please see further details in our brochure here
Healthcare Tasks

What is not covered?

We aim to be as clear and transparent as possible, please ensure that you read the policy wording and have a good understanding of what is and what is not covered. A few examples of events that are not covered are;

For any questions that you might have around this topic, please feel free to contact our customer services department by visiting our help centre.

Some frequently asked questions

Is Home Employment Insurance necessary if I have employed the carer to care for me only?

Yes. If your carer or personal assistant falls under your direct employ and is not outsourced or self-employed then employer’s liability insurance is essential. This is one of the key benefits of our Carer’s Employer insurance.

Yes. If you employ your carer directly, you will need to have Employers liability insurance which is included in our Home Employment Policy.

Am I covered if I make my employee redundant?

Yes, we cover redundancy on all our policies, up to £7000 on our Gold cover.  Please note in order to be entitled to redundancy cover, your employee would have to have been employed by you continuously for a minimum of two years.

Where can I get information regarding my rights and responsibilities as an employer?

When you purchase our Carer’s employers insurance policy, you automatically benefit from our free Legal Helpline, which will provide you with the answers you need.

Do I need to pay any excess when I claim?

No, this policy has no excess.

When can I first claim on this policy?

You can make a claim immediately from the start date of your policy.

How many carers does this policy cover?

This policy covers multiple carers under the one policy.