Carer Employment Insurance

Cover Includes;

  • Businesses Employing Carers & PAs
  • Employers Liability up to £10m
  • Public Liability up to £5m
  • Legal Expenses

From just £4.92 per month

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Employers Liability Insurance for Businesses that Employ Carers

Our Carer Employment Insurance protects your business, your employee & clients against claims made as a result of their care.

For people with specific needs that require assistance in their day to day lives, there are few options to choose from when arranging support, such as; hiring a Personal Assistant directly or arranging for an organisation to provide care services.

Hiring a PA or Carer directly means that the person receiving care is regarded as an Employer under UK Law, which comes with a large amount of responsibility falling to the client or their nominated guardian. For this reason, many people opt to appoint care businesses to provide payroll & care services, as this relieves the client or nominated person from the burden of being an employer.

As an employer, it is a legal requirement for you to provide insurance for your employees that protects their health & safety, this specific type of cover is called Employers Liability Insurance.

Our Carer Employment Insurance is specifically designed for the industry, incorporating employers liability insurance for carers, public liability insurance & legal expenses cover. This safeguards your business & employees against claims that could occur whilst they are caring for your clients. The specifics of each element are;

Our policies can cover you and one employee for a whole year from just £4.92 a month or you can opt for short-term carers insurance policies from £12.50 for the whole policy, making it the ideal liability insurance for people who employ & fund their own carers.

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Why choose us?

These are just a few reasons to choose our policies.

We want to help you and your employees be protected from the unexpected and provide you with:

Our policies change lives.

All our Carers policies are underwritten by The Salvation Army General Insurance Corporation Ltd (sagic). Sagic are owned by The Salvation Army and support the diverse work of the renowned global charity. This means when you buy a policy, you will help fund vital community projects across the UK.

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What is covered?

Have a look at the main coverage

Public Liability up to £5m

Employers Liability up to £10m

Legal Expenses up to £100,000

What is not covered?

We aim to be as clear and transparent as possible. So feel free to check what we cover, because sadly, we can’t cover everything.

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Some frequently asked questions

Am I covered if I make my employee redundant?

Unfortunately, you wouldn’t be covered under our policy if you make your employee redundant.

Where can I get information regarding my rights and responsibilities as an employer?

When you purchase our Carer’s employers insurance policy, you automatically benefit from our free Legal Helpline, which will provide you with the answers you need.

Do I need to pay any excess when I claim?

No, this policy has no excess.

When can I first claim on this policy?

There is no moratorium on this policy, meaning that you can claim immediately.