Carers Insurance & Personal Assistant Insurance

Cover Starts From £4.92 A Month
  • Public liability cover up to £5 million
  • No Excess
  • Cover for Employed & Self-Employed Carers

Carers Insurance

We offer Carer Insurance and Personal Assistant Insurance whether you are an employed carer, an employer of carers or a self-employed carer.  We believe that it’s important for Carers and their employers to consider specialist Carers Insurance to protect themselves against risks they face in the workplace and provide policies that are underwritten by SAGIC, The Salvation Army General Insurance Corporation.

Public liability insurance for carers and personal assistants is very important because it provides cover for a claim in the event of an accidental injury to another person, damage to or loss of property in connection with your job. Carers deal with a wide variety of situations on a daily basis, which means that this cover can provide protection while you are at work.

More can be read about our Self Employed Carer Insurance & Personal Assistant Insurance here

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All our policies cover administering of prescribed medicines and first aid.

Our legal cover protects you from costs coming from a legal action to defend your legal rights arising out of allegations of negligence or abuse arising out of your employment as a carer or personal assistant.

We offer a range of carer’s insurance policies, from our bronze insurance policy to more comprehensive coverage.

Cover for Independent Carers starts at only £4.92 per month.

Cover for Employed Carers starts at only £4.92 per month.

Cover for Self Employed Carers starts at only £6.25 per month.

All our Carers Insurance policies are underwritten by SAGIC, (The Salvation Army General Insurance Corporation), who are wholly owned by The Salvation Army and their profits go to help people in need.

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You can choose between 3 levels of cover:

  • Bronze: Provides public liability cover for carers up to £1 million
  • Silver: Provides public liability cover for carers up to £2 million
  • Gold: Provides public liability cover for carers up to £5 million

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  • Read your carer’s policy wording carefully and ensure you fully understand what is covered and what is excluded.
  • Your policy wording also details how to submit a claim. The carer’s insurer from whom you claim differs per section of cover.
  • There is a 7-day Moratorium with this policy before you are able to make a claim, (24-hours for accidents)