Our Refer A Friend Scheme

Introduce a friend and let us thank you both

  • Share Your Code Easily Via Email, Social, Chat or QR Code
  • We'll send you both £10 Amazon Vouchers
  • Annual Policies Only - Track Your Vouchers Online
  • Terms & Conditions Apply - See Below For Full Details

Give your friend a treat, and we’ll give you one right back.

Introduce a friend, and we’ll give you both a £10.00 Amazon voucher.

We recently asked some of our customers if they would use a referral scheme and were overwhelmed by the response, so here it is! We’ve built it ourselves so we can maximise our gift to you if you refer a friend to us and of course, there are some Terms & Conditions but read below for the basics of how the scheme works.

To see your unique code, please visit your My Account section of our website.

Firstly, we’ve been aware for some time how many people tell their friends about us, and we really want to say a huge thank you to our customers when you do that for us. This scheme, therefore, is specifically for our individual customers rather than companies or organisations.

We’ll wait for both your policy and your friends’ policy to be in place for 90 days before we send out the vouchers. You can see the progress of all your referrals within your My Account section of our website.

Further to this, because we protect people who need short-term policies, we have to limit the scheme to customers who have annual policies, either paid monthly or annually. If not, we’d be paying customers to take out policies!

How do you share your referral code?

When you log in to or register your My Account you’ll see a link to the scheme. Clicking through that link will bring you to your personal referral scheme page, which contains everything you need to share your code with your friends. You can choose to share via:

Where can you share your referral code?

Anywhere your friends might find it useful!

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to share your code, so here are some examples of platforms you can share it on. You’ll find easy links for some of these in your My Account

Some frequently asked questions

Do I need to have a current policy to use the scheme?

We do ask that you have held an annual policy and that it has been live for at least 90 days in order to be eligible for the scheme. However, please feel free to refer any friends even if your policy has expired.

When will I receive my voucher?

We send out our vouchers, via email, after 90 days have elapsed since they were purchased.

How many people can I refer?

We currently have a limit of 50 people per referral code. But if you have a lot more friends, please let us know!

Can I refer my friend again?

This scheme is for individuals (rather than companies and organisations) who have not previously been a customer of Surewise or one of our affiliates, where it is their first time purchasing from us.

Can I refer myself?

Unfortunately not! The scheme is just for first-time customers, who have never purchased from us before.

Where are the full Terms & Conditions?

Our full Terms and Conditions for the scheme can be found here