Cookie Information

Cookies Information

Cookies are used by websites to ensure certain functionality i.e. customer login features as well as allowing visitor behaviour to be analysed to better understand their needs. A cookie is stored on your computer each time you visit our website. Below is a list of cookies we use as well as methods to disable them from being stored on your browser, which can be found in the respective Privacy Policy links.

First Party cookies

  • Website Cookies
  • Affiliate Code Cookie – Used to track our affiliates
  • PHP Session Cookie – Built into the platform that is run from
  • My Account Cookie – This cookie keeps track of completed orders
  • Secure Cookie – This cookie keeps track of the checkout process

Third Party cookies

  • Analytics Cookies
  • Google Analytics Cookies – Used to source the user’s IP address, geographical location, and which pages the user looks at on the site and length of time spent on that page. Google Analytics Privacy Policy
  • Hotjar Cookie – Used to follow the user’s mouse clicks, mouse movements and scrolling on a page.
  • Social Media Cookies
  • Twitter Cookie – Part of any “Twitter Buttons” used throughout the site to analyse social shares. Twitter Privacy Policy
  • Linked In Cookie – Part of any “Linked In Buttons” used throughout the site to analyse social shares. Linked In Privacy Policy
  • Other Cookies
  • Youtube Cookie – Only found on pages with embedded video. Google Privacy Policy

How to Disable Cookies In Your Browser

Internet Explorer – you can delete cookies as a Microsoft Internet Explorer user by clicking:

  • View Menu
  • Internet Options
  • Delete Cookies

Mozilla Firefox Рyou can delete cookies as a Mozilla  FireFox user by clicking:

  • Tools
  • Options
  • Privacy
  • Cookies (Click “Clear” button)

Disable Cookies:

  • Tools
  • Options
  • Privacy
  • Cookies (Uncheck “Allow sites to collect cookies” option.)

Google Chrome – you can delete cookies as a Google Chrome user by clicking:

  • Wrench icon on browser’s toolbar
  • Settings
  • Advanced Settings
  • Privacy Section – Click “Content Settings”
  • “Cookies” section choose “Delete” or “Block”

Please view our Privacy Policy for more information.