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Here at Surewise, we are very proud of our partnership with The Salvation Army General Insurance Corporation (sagic). Our partnership started over eight years ago now when we chose to have them as our underwriters.

This decision was easy for us as we both have the same vision, to provide ethical insurance. Sagic is renowned for giving back to their community, and we are proud to be a part of that mission too.

Stuart Bensusan, one of the Directors of Surewise, comments:

”When we were looking for an underwriter for our policies we knew that we wanted to work with sagic as we believe our values align. Since then our relationship has continued to develop and we are proud to be partnered with sagic to further our business.”

History of sagic

Sagic was founded in 1909 by The Salvation Army and has been offering ethical insurance products ever since. They are proud to be one the oldest continuously operating ethical insurers with their profits being returned to The Salvation Army. 

Claims process

Collectively we both believe that making a claim shouldn’t be a difficult process, therefore, sagic ensure that the same member of staff deals with your claim from start to finish. This means that the claim can be processed as efficiently as possible and time isn’t wasted explaining your situation to multiple call handlers.

In addition, we work together to ensure we can keep the excess as low as possible and don’t charge extra fees for cancellations or changes.

Giving back

Sagic likes to give back to those who are vulnerable in society, which includes helping those who are experiencing homelessness, human trafficking, people in poverty and unemployment. 

A recent project of theirs was the Malachi Homes Project. This project aimed to help rehabilitate homeless people by offering them a one-bedroom temporary home to help get them back on track. They teamed up with The Hill group, which provided them with six new modular homes. This offered an alternative to a standard hostel and gave them a chance to live independently in the hope that they would benefit from this approach. This project has been repeated in a few towns over the UK, including Leigh on Sea and Ilford.

Gorden Dewar, Managing Director of sagic, adds:

’’We chose to partner with Surewise because we feel their ethos of ethical insurance aligns with ours. They have been our partner for the last 8 years and we have been impressed with their expertise in dealing with customers, many vulnerable, for their attention to detail, and their concern for quality.‘’

ARAG plc on behalf of SCOR UK Company Limited

ARAG is one of the largest providers of legal expenses cover in the UK. Their team is made up of a range of highly trained experts and solicitors that are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer your queries. This advice is available around the clock and 365 days a year, as they are aware of the importance of getting the correct advice.

‘’Our partnership with ARAG is important to our customers as it allows them to access expert advice and knowledge to give them the confidence to make informed decisions.’’

Stuart Bensusan, Director of Surewise.

History of ARAG

They were founded in 2006 but are part of an international group that dates back almost 90 years. They began with the vision that everyone deserves to assert their rights regardless of their financial situation. Over time they have continued to grow and are now the largest provider of legal protection in the world and they are represented in 19 countries.

“Surewise is, in many ways, the perfect partner for ARAG. Our values are very closely aligned, and ARAG is often seen as a specialist for specialists. We work hard to develop not just products that are carefully tailored to suit the needs of particular market niches, but also the services and claims processes around those products. ”

ARAG’s Broker Business Manager Alastair Sambrook

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Claim/Tax line- 0330 303 1955     

Legal Advice- 0800 999 1220