Container Storage Insurance

Cover Includes 

✓  External and Internal Stored Metal Containers

✓  Contents Valued from £1000 to £10,000

✓  Instant Certificate via Email

✓  No Hidden Fees & No Excess

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Self Storage Insurance for External and Internal Storage Containers

With an increasing number of people opting to use self-storage, the most popular option is to store your belongings in a secured facility with the containers kept on the interior. Typically, storage insurance is mandatory, and there are a wealth of options on the market that will cover the items that you leave in storage. 

However, more and more businesses are offering storage services in external facilities which come with different levels of risks, resulting in some insurance providers being unable to cover your personal effects.

Our Container Storage Insurance allows you freedom of choice over the type of facility, providing it is purpose built, that you can use to store your property, allowing you to rest assured that your items are safeguarded from most events that are out of your control.

As reported by The Telegraph Money, Storage providers have a reputation for over charging their customers for insurance, with some people being charged up to seven times the normal rate. On average we are 3 times cheaper than buying your insurance directly from your storage provider!

With our comprehensive and affordable insurance for internal and external storage units, you can live life confidently knowing that your belongings are protected up to the value of of your choice from £1,000 to £10,000.

Why choose us?

These are some of the reasons our customers choose us;

  • Fast Quotes with Immediate Certificate
  • UK based Call Centre
  • No Credit Card Charges or Admin Fees
  • No Renewal Price Hikes

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Our policies are underwritten by SAGIC, The Salvation Army General Insurance Corporation, who are wholly owned by The Salvation Army. This means when you buy this policy, you are helping The Salvation Army support people in need and gives you an ethical, trustworthy underwriter to look after you in the event of a claim.

Why choose our Self Storage Insurance Policy?

Ultimately, we want to protect you & your belongings from the unexpected with:

  • Domestic and commercial storage insurance for short and long-term storage rental.
  • Policies tailored to your needs based on;
    • Total value of contents in the storage unit (up to £10,000)
    • Your budget
    • Required cover duration
    • Specific Items (Bicycles, Deeds/Bonds etc.)
  • Affordable cover from as little as £0.50p per week
  • Cover for singular items up to the value of £7500
  • Fast & easy process without the need to complete lengthy inventory lists
  • Access to an online account which will allow you to conveniently manage your policy

What's covered?

Cover for home and business contents, including:
  • Computer and electronic office equipment 
  • Deeds, registered bonds and other personal documents up to £1,000
  • Household furnishings, furniture, carpets, curtains, and home appliances, including gas and electric cookers and telephone equipment
  • Pedal cycles up to £1,000 per cycle
  • Machinery, stock, tools, and plant
  • Personal possessions
  • Stamp collections and coin collections, with proof of ownership and providence up to £1,000
  • Valuables up to £1,000
Loss or damage to stored contents in the event of:

  • Natural disasters, including lightning, earthquake and weight of snow
  • Fire and explosion
  • Theft and attempted theft, with proof of violent breaking and entering (e.g. broken lock)
  • Falling trees, telegraph poles and lamp posts
  • Collision by a vehicle or animal
  • Impact by aircraft and other flying devices or items dropped from flying aircraft
  • Rioters, violent disorders, strikes, labour disturbances, civil commotion and malicious acts
We will replace or repair any stored items damaged. Repair or replacement will be at our discretion.

What's not covered?

Please have a look at this section because, sadly, we cannot cover everything

  • Your policy doesn’t cover any type of currency, including money, coins, bullion, credit/debit cards, lottery tickets and vouchers.
  • Your policy doesn’t cover dangerous items, including explosives, flammable contents and fire arms and ammunition.
  • Personal or Commercial Possessions not stored in a purpose built storage unit which has: CCTV, Fire alarms, a secure reception area and staff on premises at all times when the facility is open
  • Personal or Commercial Possessions stored in shipping containers / wooden crates
  • Due to the nature of an external facility, your storage container does not cover;
    • Storms or Floods
    • Burst Pipes
    • Pest Infestation – Insects, Moths & Vermin.

Important bits to know

In the event of an incident likely to result in a claim please call SAGIC on 0300 030 1865 , you can also email

External Storage unit requirements

There are many different types of storage facility in the UK and it’s important to be aware of several factors that we consider necessary for storage providers to meet as a minimum requirements.

  1. This location is purpose built and is of substantial construction.  We aren’t able to cover shipping containers.
  2. The company managing the facility are solely involved in storing goods (rather than storage facilities from running farms and other haulage locations)
  3. It has 24 hour cctv and fire alarms
  4. Secure reception area and controlled access to storage areas
  5. Staff on premises at all times when open

We constantly compare our rates and coverage with other insurance companies to make sure we provide the highest level of cover and market-leading prices.

What is External Storage Insurance?

External Storage Insurance protects your possessions from damage or theft whilst they are contained within a unit at a purpose built external storage facility.

Some policies may cover transit of your possessions to and from the facility in which they are stored.

Do I need Container Storage Insurance?

It depends on the company but most Storage Facilities will require you to insure the possessions contained within their unit.

Please bare in mind that if your facility provides exterior storage units, this could be considered higher risk and may need more consideration.

Why do I need Insurance for a storage unit?

Taking out insurance for storage units is important if you want to keep your items protected from damage, theft or other unexpected problems that can occur.

In general, Storage Providers take very limited responsibility for anything that may occur to your belongings, even though the unit is kept on their premises.

How much does insurance for self storage cost?

It is difficult to give an average cost for metal self storage units because there can be many different variables within the policy, as well as there being massive differences in price depending on your insurance provider.

One thing is for sure, it is always good to compare storage unit insurance online before taking out a policy with the storage provider as it could help you save money!

Is Storage Unit Insurance worth it?

As it is compulsory at most facilities, it is well worth having regardless of the scenario, however it is always a good idea to do some research & shop around to keep costs low.

With Storage Facilities offering expensive policies, sometimes costing more than the storage unit itself, it is worth taking the time to do a self storage insurance comparison.

Tips for taking out insurance for storage unit contents

Here are a couple of tips that may help you when you are looking for the best self storage insurance policy;
  • Shop around before taking out a policy
  • Ensure that you are not paying above the normal rate
  • Ensure that the cost of the policy is in proportion with the cost of the unit itself
  • Not all storage providers accept insurance from a third party, check with them before you take out a policy
  • If a storage providers insurance policies are expensive, it may be better to shop around to find a better facility that will also allow you to take out insurance with a 3rd party
  • Whilst it is a big factor, cost isn’t everything! – the cheapest storage insurance isn’t always the best. 
  • Remember to read the policy wording to ensure that the cover fits your needs.

Frequently asked questions

The facility would need to meet our requirements and be purpose-built for external storage. 

The storage facility must be within England, Wales or Scotland and you must be a UK resident in order to purchase our insurance policy.

As the customer, it is your responsibility to calculate the sum of the goods you have in storage. You can do this by adding up the amount you paid for all of the goods combined or the value of items stored can be determined independently by a professional valuer.

If you purchased or renewed your Storage Insurance BEFORE 1st June 2018, there is an excess of £100 for each and every claim.

If you purchased or renewed your Storage Insurance AFTER 1st June 2018, there is no excess fee.

Our underwriter SAGIC has its own in-house claims. To make a claim you must contact them on 0300 030 1865 with your policy number at hand.

Please refer to the section ‘How to make a claim’ of the policy wording for more information.

Yes. You will receive notification prior to your policy’s expiration so if decide to extend it, you can do so within the policy period.

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