Self Employed Carer Insurance

Cover Includes;

✓  Public Liability up to £5m

  Loss or Damage to Property

✓  Accidental Injury

✓  Legal Expenses

From just £6.25 per month

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Public Liability Insurance for Carers & Personal Assistants

Our liability insurance for carers covers you against claims arising as a result of your work as a carer or personal assistant.

Working as a Self Employed Carer comes with all of the usual perks that you would expect when running your own business, from choosing the hours that you work to having more control over the financial aspects of your job and also being able to pick your clients for yourself. On the other hand, there are many things that you need to consider when running your own care business, such as self employed carer expenses like tax & insurance.

The effect that Carers and Personal Assistants have on an individuals life is significant and the role is often rewarding, but it also comes with a range of risks, such as;

  • Accidental Injury to any person in relation to your work (e.g. your client, a member of the public)
  • Injury to yourself as a result of your work
  • Loss or damage to property
  • Allegations of negligence or abuse

We provide up to £5 million worth of public liability insurance for carers, with additional safeguards against claims for damage or loss of property & personal injury. The legal expenses element protects against liability for legal defence costs and a 24-hour Legal Advice Helpline should you need support.

Our Personal Assistant Insurance can cover you for a whole year from just £6.25 a month or you can opt for short-term carers insurance policies from £12.50 for the whole policy, making it an ideal and affordable option for those who require business insurance for carers. 

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Why choose us?

These are just a few reasons to choose our policies.

We want to help you be protected from unexpected and provide you with:

  • A hassle-free quote process, no hidden fees or credit card charges. 
  • Option to pay with monthly payments.
  • Freedom if you want to cancel your policy at any time.
  • Short term policies available.

Our policies change lives.

All our Carers insurance policies are underwritten by SAGIC, The Salvation Army General Insurance Corporation, who are wholly owned by The Salvation Army and their profits go to help people in need. This means that when you take a policy with us, you are not only protecting yourself but also helping those in need.

What is covered?

Have a look at the main coverage

Public Liability
  • Accidental injury to any person
  • Loss of or damage to any property
  • Overseas cover up to 90 days available
Loss of Property
  • Personal belongings at work up to £250
  • Personal or user’s belongings as a result of You being mugged
  • Replacement of Keys & Locks up to £100
  • Damage to user’s property by forced access due to a medical emergency
Personal Accident
  • Includes overnight Hospital stay for yourself due to bodily injury
  • Permanent total or partial disablement
  • Bodily injury including accidental death
Legal Expenses up to £10,000
  • Legal Defense and costs in case of allegations of negligence or abuse
  • Carers Legal Protection & 24/7 Legal Advice Helpline

What is not covered?

We aim to be as clear and transparent as possible, please ensure that you read the policy wording and have a good understanding of what is and what is not covered. A few examples of events that are not covered are;

  • Personal accident not involving bodily injury
  • Liability arising directly or indirectly from treatment of any kind (other than first aid), respite or medical care services
  • Liability for any physical, verbal or written action that constitutes sexual abuse, molestation, bullying or harassment or results in mental anguish
  • Liability arising from or caused by a deliberate or intentional act by, or omission

For any questions that you might have around this topic, please feel free to contact our customer services department by telephone on 01268 200 020

Some frequently asked questions

No, this policy has no excess.

You are unable to claim for the first 7 days from policy inception; however, accidental injury cover starts immediately.

Yes, any accidental loss or damage to your personal effects during the course of employment is covered. However, incidents of theft or malicious damage must be reported to the police as soon as possible.

Yes. Under the public liability aspect of our Carers & Personal Assistants, you are covered for accidentally damaging your client’s property.

Yes, we offer annual payments as well as monthly payments.

Self-employed carers can claim up to £12,500 personal accident cover. This includes overnight hospital stays if you are physically injured on the job.

Yes. Our Carers Insurance policy covers accidental injury to care recipients.

Yes. You do need to have earned qualifications or undergone formal training to enjoy the benefits of our carers insurance policy. You may be required to produce evidence of such training or qualification.

You must have received appropriate training or have the relevant qualifications to be covered for these tasks. You may be required to provide evidence of this in the event of a claim.

Yes. Your self-employed carer insurance policy includes Carers Legal Protection. This means your Legal Defence and costs in defending yourself against allegations of negligence or abuse are covered. You also have access to our 24/7 Legal Advice Helpline.

Important documents

If you purchased or renewed Self Employed carers insurance on or before 1st November 2017
If you purchased or renewed Self Employed carers insurance on or after 1st November 2017
If you purchased or renewed Self Employed carers insurance on or before 1st November 2017
If you purchased or renewed Self Employed carers insurance on or after 1st November 2017

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