Hiring a Personal Assistant With Curam

This article includes:

  • An Easy Way to Connect With Reputable Carers
  • Curam's Innovative App
  • Getting Started Finding a Carer

Finding the right personal assistant to hire with your direct payments can be a challenge, which is why we have partnered with Curam as their insurance provider. Their expertise helps connect you with qualified candidates who are a great fit for your needs.

How is Curam Unique?

Curam takes a unique approach compared to traditional agencies by combining technology with care. They have developed an app that makes it easy for clients to find and connect with qualified caregivers. It also works in reverse, allowing personal assistants to find work by approaching service users through the online portal.

Although this is an online system, they have not eliminated the human touch. Curam has a recruitment team that interviews and vets every carer that they add to the app. They will also ensure they have the correct qualifications and that they have an up-to-date DBS check.

Curam recognise that personal budgets and direct payments for care can be limited. To help clients get the most from their direct payments, Curam do not charge booking fees for those using personal budgets to pay for care. This enables clients to maximize their hours of assistance and make their funds go further.

Curam’s extensive app doesn’t stop once you have found your PA. It also acts as a form of ongoing communication between you and your carer, allowing them to message you when they create a service agreement or send you a shift invoice to approve. When you need to pay your carer, Curam will send you an invoice within the app, enabling you to make a secure and easy payment.

Do I Still Need Insurance?

No, you do not need to take out insurance separately as Surewise is the insurance provider for Curam. Every carer that uses Curam is classed as self-employed and we supply a self-employed carers policy to every personal assistant.

This seamless insurance solution removes the hassle and complexity of sourcing coverage, ensuring all caregivers have the necessary protection in place.


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