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Comprehensive Landlord Insurance for Home Emergencies, Legal Expenses and Rental Protection

Residential landlords have to keep their tenants happy, and ensure they are well protected against the risks rental properties face, including rental home appliances, home emergencies (and boilers), legal expenses and loss of rent. offers a range of specialist landlords insurance policies so you can get comprehensive cover for your rental property in the UK.

Choose your landlords insurance policy or policies

Landlords Rent Guarantee

Landlords insurance that provides protection against loss of rental income, as well as any legal expenses incurred trying to recover rent arrears. You are covered for:

  • Legal expenses that arise when tenants fail to live up to their responsibilities detailed in the tenancy agreement are covered provided the amount in dispute is greater than £250.
  • Landlords legal expenses covers up to £25,000 for any one claim.
  • Rent guarantee insurance provides protection should tenants fall behind in rent and not make any arrangements to pay off their arrears. Note that action will be taken when the arrears adds up to a full month’s rent after the excess has been deducted.

Key Benefits of Landlords Rent Guarantee Insurance

  • A helpline for immediate legal advice
  • Cover for service charges not paid by tenants
  • Legal costs for rent debt recovery
  • Cover for lost earnings as a result of legal hearings or tribunals
  • No excess for legal protection
  • Low excess for rent protection

Landlords Legal Expenses

Landlords risk a variety of legal headaches, from rent arrears to damage to property. Our landlords insurance for legal expenses keeps those headaches at bay. You are covered for:

  • Property legal disputes over possession of the property, dilapidations to the property, nuisance from tenants (noise or disruption), non-payment of service charges by tenants, infringement of your legal rights, etc.
  • Rent recovery provided the amount is more than £1000
  • Loss of earnings, salary or wages for you, any of your staff or your letting agent
  • Legal expenses insurance cover you up to £50,000 per any one claim.

Key Benefits of Landlords Legal Expenses Cover

  • No excess
  • Immediate help and support via a legal advice hotline

If the unexpected happens, our landlord emergency policies offer efficient expert help and support – we will arrange for one of our nationwide approved engineers to fix your problem quickly, or you can call our legal advice line for assistance if you have taken out a legal or rent guarantee policy with us.

Landlords Home Emergency Insurance

Landlords are at the mercy of a variety of home emergencies. The challenge is compounded as they have to work with and around their tenants. Landlords home emergency insurance removes some of the difficulties by arranging for repairs on your behalf.

You can choose between three levels of cover: Silver, Gold and Platinum, with cover levels ranging from £250 to £750 per claim. You are covered for:

  • Burst pipes and sudden leaks
  • Failure of domestic water mains and electricity supply
  • Blocked drains and sewers
  • Failure of domestic heating system
  • Boiler cover for gas and electric boilers
  • Broken toilet (no other toilet available)
  • Broken or damaged locks, doors and windows
  • Pest infestation (wasps, hornets, rats, mice)

Key benefits of Landlords Home Emergency Insurance

  • Repairs arranged on your behalf
  • No call-out charges of excess fees
  • Convenient online insurance quotes and policy purchases

Landlords Buyers Protection Insurance

As a landlord, you may want to extend your portfolio of residential properties to rent, but you’re as vulnerable to gazumping as anyone else. Landlords buyers protection insurance provides protection against this risk, so that you don’t lose any money on conveyancing, survey or valuation fees. You are covered for:

  • Conveyancing fees protection up to £750
  • Survey and valuation fees protection up to £500
  • Mortgage and lender fees protection up to £250
  • Gazumping protection for offers that are at least £1000 higher than yours

Key Benefits of Landlords Buyers Protection Insurance

  • No excess
  • Costs incurred before the sale fell through
  • Policy is valid for 120 days

Landlords Appliance Insurance

Landlords can insure multiple appliances on a single policy to protect the most important equipment in their residential property, including fridges, ovens and washer and dryer. We arrange repairs on your behalf as quickly as possible, so you and your tenants are barely inconvenienced at all.

You can choose between 3 different insurance plans:

  • Bronze for kitchen appliances only
  • Silver for kitchen and audio-visual appliances
  • Gold for kitchen and audio/visual appliances

You are covered for:

  • Electrical and mechanical breakdown not included in domestic or household contents insurance
  • Parts, labour and call-outs
  • Repair costs or replacement costs
  • Accidental damage
  • Access to a network of quality-approved technicians and engineers

Key Benefits of Landlords Appliance Insurance

  • Online policy management
  • Online quotes and policy purchases
  • Monthly and annual payment plans
  • UK-based customer service centre of ongoing help and support

Residential landlords want the most comprehensive cover available to protect them against the full range of risks inherent in having strangers live on the property. Contact for an online quote on our landlords insurance policies, including rent protection, legal expenses, home emergency and multi-appliance insurance.