Mobility Scooter Manufacturers: Shoprider

Shoprider Mobility Scooter Insurance

Shoprider is among the largest manufacturers of mobility scooters in the UK with a variety of models and styles to suit all needs and all budgets, from lightweight transportable styles to luxury models perfect for cruising around the neighbourhood. With nationwide support service and a network dealership, there’s never a problem with sorting out faults or servicing mobility scooters, no matter where in the UK you may be located. Each dealer network is selected according to a strict list of criteria and is tasked to ensure the best after-sales service that can be provided to ensure reliability and continued performance from Shoprider mobility scooters.

Our Mobility Scooter Insurance covers all the scooters in the Shoprider range. Make sure you’re up to date on the most recent UK mobility scooter rules and regulations.

Examples of the Shoprider mobility scooter range include:

Shoprider Cameo 4: Designed with tall people in mind so it has ample leg room. The Cameo series has a unique feature that can change panels in seconds to give scooters a whole new colour. Controls are easy to use and the seat and tiller are adjustable. You can dismantle it quickly and easily to fit into the boot space of an average car. The battery pack is detachable allowing for recharging anywhere and anytime.

Shoprider Cameo 3: Similar to the Cameo 4 except that the Cameo 3 has 4 wheels. Like the Cameo 4, the controls on the Cameo 3 are easy to use, the seat and tiller are adjustable and you can dismantle it for transport in the boot of a car. The battery is also detachable.

Shoprider Mikra: A lightweight scooter which is easy to dismantle and fits easily into a car boot. There is a twin detachable battery pack with 12-18 amp power batteries. The tyres are puncture-proof. The armrests flip up and you can adjust the tiller angle.

Larger models

Shoprider Traveso: Class 3 scooter suited for road use with weather resistant fibreglass roof, windows and doors which can be easily removed. Maximum speed is 8mph. It comes with a handbrake and you can lock it just like a car. The Hi-Lo speed switch allows for switching from 4mph on pavements to 8mph on roads. A Delta handlebar, fully adjustable Captain’s seat and advanced steering controls, as well as suspension means that you can travel comfortably no matter what the weather.

Shoprider Deluxe: Has large pneumatic tyres, making it a perfect vehicle for outdoor use. You can dismantle it easily. It has a sliding swivel seat with flip up armrests and 5 positions for the tiller angle.

Shoprider Paris: Comes with an adjustable padded seat, full fold down backrest and armrests as well as an adjustable tiller to ensure your ride is as comfortable as can be. It dismantles easily and fits into the average car boot. The maximum range is 16 miles. The battery pack is 2 x 21Ah and you can choose between Burgundy and Charcoal.

Shoprider Whisper: Another 4-wheeled scooter with excellent manoeuvrability. It comes with puncture-proof tyres and a height adjustable fixed seat with detachable fold down back. The battery pack is detachable too, and it comes with a charger.